What Postpartum Life Looks Like In 7 Brilliantly Honest Photos

What do you think when you see a woman with a newborn baby? We’re led to expect to see someone whose body has completely snapped back to “normal”, someone who is totally in love with her child. Wrong. For many new mothers, postpartum life is scary and this isn’t spoken about enough.

Between the physical impact of birth and breastfeeding on a woman’s body to the mental strain of adapting to life as a parent and simply getting enough sleep, life after birth can be challenging, especially in a health system that can often prioritises checking the health of the baby more than the mother.

In a recent study by the pre and postnatal care app MUTU System, the majority of pregnant women (91%) said they did not feel they were given enough advice during pregnancy about postpartum recovery. Tens of thousands of women are also giving birth each year without a recovery plan in place.

Now the Australian brand Modibodi – the people behind the period pants and period swimwear we’ve previously tested at HuffPost – has teamed up with Getty Images to capture a fresh snapshot of the realities of postpartum life.

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