Why You’re Going To Stop Seeing So Many ‘Use By’ Dates In Supermarkets

There are two camps when it comes to expiry dates on food: shoppers who take them as mere suggestion and those who live religiously by them, binning items as soon as the date hits.

But many of us could be throwing away perfectly good food.

To coincide with Earth Day this year, Co-op has announced that it will be removing ‘use by’ dates on its own-brand yoghurts.

The supermarket chain is set to introduce ‘best before’ dates instead, allowing customers to judge when they want to consume products.

Co-op’s data shows that six million people in the UK consume a yoghurt each day, while research from food waste charity Wrap founds that 50% of yoghurts are thrown away in unopened pack.

In fact, 70% of the all the yoghurt wasted in the home is due to yoghurts “not being used in time”, with expiry dates label cited as the reason.

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