Women Are Sharing How Little The Men In Their Lives Know About Reproduction

As word spread that the Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, Sabrina Fonfeder decided to tweet something that was partly inspired by the news and partly inspired by an ex-boyfriend.

“I tweet this every time men decide it’s time to make decisions about women’s bodies, but my ex boyfriend thought all women got their period on the 15th of the month,” she told her followers. “He was 26 at the time.”

In a follow-up tweet, Fonfeder, a development executive in New York for the TV and film company Irony Point and the podcast company Radio Point, explained her ex’s confusion.

He had once heard a comedian joke that he “loves his girlfriend, except around the 15th of the month, if ya know what I mean.” Fonfeder’s ex figured he knew what the comedian meant: All women get their period on the 15th, naturally!

Fonfeder’s tweet went viral, racking up more than 19,000 retweets and 196,000 likes. It also opened the floodgates for women wanting to share stories of exes who were equally flummoxed by the workings of the female body.

“My ex thought we could just start our periods whenever we wanted,” one woman said. “He asked if I could schedule it around his birthday once. Someone married him and had his child.”

“My ex-husband – while I was pregnant with his child – believed the baby was in my literal stomach, and when I ate food, it fell on top of the baby,” another wrote.

“I once dated a 23 year-old who was furious that I mentioned drinking wine while on my period,” another woman said. “He assumed it was dangerous because periods are related to pregnancy. I was like, sir, I am the opposite of pregnant right now.”

Then there was this doozy, from an aspiring physician no less: “I had an ex that told me women shouldn’t complain about their periods because they are clearly getting pleasure from their tampons. He was pre-med.”

Reading the collected tweets is seriously funny but also seriously sad; the myriad misconceptions the men voiced about women’s bodies and simple reproduction matters highlight the dire need for comprehensive sex education in America’s schools – and around the world.

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