‘Yellowjackets’ Actress Who Claims to Be ‘Nonbinary’ Goes Topless in TEEN Vogue After Having Healthy Breast Tissue Removed | The Gateway Pundit | by Cassandra MacDonald

Yellowjackets actress Liv Hewson, who claims to be “nonbinary,” has gone topless in a pro-transgender article for Teen Vogue.

Hewson, 27, has had her healthy breast tissue removed to obtain a more masculine appearance.

The actress told the magazine, which is marketed to children as young as 12, that she had anorexia during puberty and later realized that the “eating disorder was in part a result of gender dysphoria.”

The interview was conducted by writer Lexi McMenamin, who also claims to be “nonbinary.” She lists the pronouns “they/them” in her Twitter profile.

McMenamin wrote for her teenage audience, “American politics are hyper-focused on LGBTQ+ children, especially trans children, to the point of attempting to ban their existence. This ideological and legislative push is cannily framed as ‘in defense of children,’ but in reality it seeks to punish deviations from a cisgender, white, heterosexual norm — consequently punishing anyone, including and especially children, who deviate.”

McMenamin asked the actress, “I want to ask you about your top surgery. Our culture is petrified of assigned female at birth people getting top surgery; conservatives and TERFs say things like, ‘Girls are mutilating their bodies’ or ‘What if they regret it?’”

“When people talk about gender-affirming surgery using words like ‘mutilation,’ that’s not very nice,” Hewson said. “Is that how you think about people who’ve had surgery for other things? It’s a disgust reaction, and I do not take disgust into account as a legitimate point of discourse. I don’t have to entertain it and I’m not going to. It’s a waste of everybody’s time, it’s knee-jerk, it’s not grounded in reality, and it’s not useful.

Hewson recently refused to participate in Emmy nominations, due to the gender-specific categories, such as “best actor” or “best actress.”

“My issue is so structural, I don’t think it would be honest for me to attempt to work within this system,” Hewson told the magazine. “Here’s what I thought about: Best-case scenario, career-wise, I, hypothetically, would be nominated for an Emmy, which would be an honor. Then the best-case scenario is that I would, hypothetically, win. And then I would go home with a trophy that says ‘actress’ on it. I don’t want that.”

In 2022, the magazine also put out an article expressing severe contempt for those who would dare to question if puberty blockers may have long term effects.

The article from Kaiyti Duffy, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, begins by shaming the New York Times for daring to publish an article that questioned if there are long term side effects to puberty blockers.

“In the midst of Transgender Awareness Week, and just before a gunman killed five in a shooting at a popular LGBTQ bar in Colorado, The New York Times published an unfortunate piece about gender-affirming care,” the doctor’s article began. “The headline posed a question: ‘They Paused Puberty, But Is There A Cost?’ Immediately, transgender people, queer activists, and LGBTQ-affirming medical providers like myself braced for the inevitable: Another piece questioning trans health and the community’s seemingly endless pursuit for equitable medical care.”

You see, questioning the safety of potentially sterilizing a minor is off-limits in the “woke” crowd — especially the doctors who are making a fortune.

Duffy acknowledged that the pills could lead to low bone density but claimed that it is considered “safe” anyways because there is a possibility that a person claiming to be trans might commit suicide without them.

“At this moment, at least 20 states are considering bans regarding the provision of medically necessary, life-saving gender-affirming care for trans youth,” the doctor wrote. “These legislative assaults are not being waged out of concern for trans and gender diverse youth and their families. This is not about the bone health of these young people. These efforts are rooted in transphobia and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments and I’m saddened that the New York Times failed to call this out. If the assault against gender-affirming care persists, we may soon be unable to pause puberty. Without question, this would come at a steep cost to young trans and gender diverse people. Their lives are literally on the line. Where is the New York Times story about that?”

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Teen Vogue published a bizarre article explaining how to use menstrual blood for witchcraft in 2021.

The magazine for teenagers frequently pushes the boundaries of extremist politics and sexual degeneracy to minors.

In November 2021, Teen Vogue published an article demanding that “White women have to answer for backing the Republican nominee yet again.”

In 2019, Teen Vogue faced backlash for an op-ed, titled ‘Why Sex Work is Real Work‘ from people across the political spectrum. Written by Tlaleng Mofokeng, founder of an organization called Nalane for Reproductive Justice, the article calls for prostitution to be decriminalized and for children to “fund public campaigns to decrease stigma.”

“The clients who seek sex workers vary, and they’re not just men. The idea of purchasing intimacy and paying for the services can be affirming for many people who need human connection, friendship, and emotional support. Some people may have fantasies and kink preferences that they are able to fulfill with the services of a sex worker,” the article, aimed at children as young as 13, states.

The hyper-political and extremely far-left magazine also published a lengthy article in 2018 glorifying abortion and calling for colleges to offer the procedure on campuses.  One of the women featured described how she “wants the world to know how much relief and joy her ability to get an abortion has brought her.”

It doesn’t stop there.

The magazine has also promoted an uncritical “Antifa explainer,” which glorified the violent groups and explained to their young audience what they can also do “in their own lives to stop fascism.”

Teen Vogue additionally came under fire after they published a how-to explainer on having anal sex that originally did not even mention practicing safe sex or waiting until you’re older.

“This is anal 101, for teens, beginners and all inquisitive folk,” author Gigi Engle wrote in Teen Vogue’s “A Guide to Anal Sex.” The original version of the story included nothing about engaging in safe sex — but was later edited to urge their teenage readers to use condoms.

Teen Vogue defended the article by calling concerned parents “homophobic.”

“The backlash to this article is rooted in homophobia,” Phillip Picardi, the magazine’s digital editorial director, wrote on Twitter. “It’s also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today.”

They republished the anal sex explainer again on Christmas 2020.

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