Your Birthday Could Actually Raise Your Covid Risk

Celebrating a birthday could raise your risk of Covid-19 by a third, a new study suggests.

In US counties with high rates of Covid-19, households that recently celebrated birthdays were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with coronavirus, compared with households with no birthdays, according to the study by Harvard Medical School and nonprofit research organisation the RAND Corporation.

It’s no surprise really when you think about it. At gatherings with close friends and family members, it’s not unusual for people to bend social distancing rules with a hug here and a kiss there. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake isn’t the most hygienic of activities either.

Age also seems to matter – in households with children celebrating a birthday, the risk of catching Covid was even higher. Researchers speculated this could be because households with children’s birthdays were less likely to cancel plans in the pandemic, or that social distancing may have been followed less strictly.

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