‘Your Clitoris Is Like An Iceberg’ And 5 Other Lessons From Oloni’s Debut Book

Oloni’s debut book is dedicated to “the women who refuse to let society dictate what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies” – and it’s a fitting tribute.

Dami Olonisakin, known as Oloni, has been writing about sex and relationships since 2008, when aged 18, she sat through a church service that demonised abortion – and felt angry. She penned her first blog post and something clicked.

Today, the British Nigerian writer is one of the most prolific sex educators in the UK. She famously nabbed work experience at Cosmopolitan magazine after camping out in the reception and refusing to leave, but it was through her own website, Simply Oloni, her award-winning podcast, Laid Bare, and her huge social media following that she truly cemented her reputation as a generation’s “agony aunt”.

Now, she’s written The Big O, a book which, in her words, “answers all your mind-boggling sex questions and helps women have better sex”. Here are just some of the many, many lessons Oloni delivers.

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