Wineapp uses palate test to determine which bottles you’ll enjoy based on the foods you like 


MailOnline’s Shivali Best put Wineapp to the test to see if it could recommend appropriate wines based on her food tastes. 

Her answers to the quiz were:

1. How do you like your coffee?

– Strong and black

– Pretty normal, no milk

– With milk and/or a bit of sugar 

– Frappuccino’ed

– I don’t do coffee


2. Do you like mixed red and dark berries?

 – Love them, I eat them straight from the pack!

– Like them in my cereal, yoghurt and in sauces

– Sure, but not all the time

– So so

– Meh, not really 

 3. How do you feel about salt?

– I have to have it on everything

– Bothers me when food is under-salted

– Don’t miss it when it’s not on my food

– Take it or leave it

– Don’t really like salty stuff 

 4. Do you like citrus?

– The more mouth-puckering the better

– I enjoy most citrust flavours regularly

– I drink the occasional glass of OJ

– Meh

– Nope, not at all 

 5. How spicy are you?

– Pepper and spice is LIFE

– I like peppery and spicy food a lot

– In moderation, normal amounts

– I like white/black pepper but not spicy food

– Can’t stand pepper and spice 

 6. How adventurous are you when it comes to food and drink?

– I’ll try absolutely anything and everything

– Always looking to try something new 

– I don’t actively seek out new tastes

– I only stick to what I know and like


Shivali was recommended a range of red, white and rose wines on Wineapp's shop

Shivali was recommended a range of red, white and rose wines on Wineapp’s shop

Based on these answers, Shivali was recommended a range of red, white and rose wines on Wineapp’s shop, but opted for the top four recommendations:

1. Whispering Angel Rosé (£22.95)

Whispering Angel has long been a favourite among rosé fans, but this was the first time I’d actually tried it – it certainly won’t be my last though!

With notes of citrus and red berries – two ingredients I said I enjoyed in my quiz – this wine was absolutely delicious, and would be perfect for summer. 

The £22.95 price tag does seem slightly higher than the price of Whispering Angel in other supermarkets. For example, in Waitrose, the same bottle is currently priced at £18.99. 

2. 16 Stops Shiraz (£13.47)

This Australian wine was pretty punchy, with notes of spices, pepper and red berries – all ingredients I’d highlighted as favourites in the quiz!

I enjoyed my wine alongside a chicken curry, but can imagine the deep rich flavours pairing well with most red or white meats. 

3. Picpoul de Pinet Reserve De La Roquemoliere (£10.89)

With a price tag of £10.89, the Picpoul de Pinet was the cheapest wine on my recommended list, but that’s not to say it wasn’t absolutely delicious!

This light white wine was crisp and fresh, almost like biting into a granny smith apple! 

Having said ‘the more mouth-puckering the better’ in response to whether or not I like citrus, I can see why this wine was on my recommendations.

 4. Rioja Crianza

My final recommendation was Cune Rioja Crianza, which was priced at £11.79.

This red wine was slightly sweeter than the 16 Stops Shiraz, with notes of vanilla, red berries and even cocoa.

Not my favourite of the four wines, but still very enjoyable alongside a meal.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I was very impressed with the Wineapp service. 

The quiz was quick and easy to do, and picked up on my favourite flavours, tailoring suggestions around these. 

All four wines recommended to me were delicious, and I could see why each bottle had been suggested when looking back on my quiz answers. 

Best of all, the wines were delivered the next day with free delivery – what more could you ask for? 

I would definitely recommend Wineapp for any budding wine aficianados looking to branch out beyond their go-to supermarket staples. 

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