Amir Khan’s body transformation from ‘dad bod’ warning to ripped six-pack

Khan has made the transformation from a claimed ‘dad bod’ by fans back in May last year before showing off a ripped six-pack ahead of his grudge match with Kell Brook

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Amir Khan and Kell Brook face off for the first time

Amir Khan has shown off a tremendous body transformation after displaying a ripped six-pack ahead of his clash with Kell Brook.

The British star has not competed in the ring for over two-and-a-half years since his mega-money victory over Billy Dib.

After years of waiting, his fight with bitter rival Brook was officially announced in November by which time he had begun training for the clash.

Khan previously posted an image in Dubai of his body after continuing his preparations, captioned: “Slowly getting back in shape. Last few weeks been smashing the gym hard in Dubai.”

However fans disagreed with one commenting: “If I didn’t know you and you said you were a world champion boxer, posing at me with that melted ice cream look, I’d never believe you.”

Amir Khan’s fans were not convinced he could get back in shape

Another agreed with the fan: “Dad bod coming bro…. Time to gracefully retire. You’ve done your bit. Don’t want you to get hurt.”

Khan was not fazed by the comments however and decided to get back in shape properly for his clash with Brook which takes place in Manchester tonight.

He linked up with new trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ Mcintyre and travelled over to America to train at a gym in Colorado during a cold-weather camp alongside former foe Terence Crawford.

This was a significant leap in training for Khan in 2021 who would be put through his paces in a gruelling camp to prepare for the grudge match everyone was talking about.

In order to undergo the transformation Khan was put on a strict fitness and diet regime by McIntyre.

Khan’s chef during his time in training camp revealed that he consumed 5,000 calories a day made up of two meals and three snack times.

“So basically Amir’s diet is six ounces of protein and four ounces of carbohydrates,” Khan’s chef told Sky Sports. “Then we load him up on vegetables and fruits.

“So his calorie intake for the whole entire days is 5000 calories which is broken up in two meals and three snacks. His snacks average around 600-800 calories and his meals around 1500 calories.

“He is a picky eater and sometimes he is in a mood and my concern with him is there is moments where he doesn’t have appetite but he still needs calories and his proteins and carbohydrates.”

Khan responded: “Sometimes I have to force myself to eat as I have a big training session coming up. Staying super hydrated helps up at this altitude because training is so hard and in the gym it gets super hot too.

But Khan showed off a ripped physique ahead of his clash with Kell Brook


Action Images via Reuters)

“BoMac likes the gym hot too which is probably one of the reasons I have lost so much weight as I have to get a sweat on. I need to keep my weight for the fight.”

Khan’s camp has taken place at altitude in Colorado and he has been seen going on long runs through the snowy mountains in addition working out in the heat of the gym.

His training notes were leaked where his daily routine was displayed on McIntyre’s notes including tactical work for the clash with Brook.

McIntyre’s note were shown from the gym while he was writing with specific instructions which read: “Slipping and countering off of his jab, staying out the middle.

“Ten minutes ladder, 15 minutes shadow boxing, five minutes sparring and seven minutes speed challenge. Head movement and eating when five minutes off of weights.”

Khan’s routine has been physically challenging and he even claimed to Spencer Oliver that he was considering withdrawing from the camp after three weeks.

He also admitted to injury struggles throughout the camp which threatened to mar his preparations.

However Khan has continued to maintain he is in the best shape of his life and has been in sparring with Crawford to help prepare.

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“It was [intimidating]. You have to stand your ground,” Khan said.

“In America whenever there is sparring, everybody surrounds the ring. They are shouting at you. There were people watching and I had to put on a performance. I had to be smart.”

He was later thrown in against several young local fighters where he was forced to survive against extremely fit athletes, but rediscovered his previous speed and ability.

Throughout the fight week he showed off a ripped six-pack lifting up his top to show fans his new ripped physique at the public open workouts.

He has weighed in at 147lb within the catchweight limit that has been agreed to face Brook which is expected to favour him having been extremely comfortable at 147lbs throughout his career.

His opponent also weighed in within the limit at 148lbs with the pair avoiding a six-figure fine for missing weight.

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