Anthony Joshua levels new accusation at Tyson Fury over fight collapse

Anthony Joshua has said that Tyson Fury and his promoters ‘let the boxing world down’ after their massive undisputed title fight was delayed.

Joshua is expected to face Oleksandr Usyk in September after being ordered by the World Boxing Organisation to face the former cruiserweight champ.

But he had planned to fight Fury this summer, with the pair signing a contract to fight on August 14 in Saudi Arabia.

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However, when arbitration brought by Deontay Wilder meant that Fury had to face the American in a trilogy fight, their meeting for the undisputed heavyweight title was cancelled.

“Unfortunately his team let the whole boxing world down,” Joshua told Sky Sports in one of his first interviews since the fight was cancelled.

“I will still be here, still ready to put on a show – end of the year, let me get past Usyk first, but with or without Usyk in my life, I will fight Fury.

“Usyk isn’t the be-all and end-all, Usyk doesn’t determine the Fury fight.

Anthony Joshua was fuming after his fight with Tyson Fury was thrown into jeopardy

“The Fury fight has to happen. It’s a big fight, bigger than boxing, bigger than the belts and it will happen after the Usyk fight, after I defend my belts.

“The fight will be bigger, better than what it would have been.”

And Joshua is confident that when they finally square off for the first time, that he will come out on top and cement his place in the history books as the first undisputed champion of this era.

“I am 100% sure that I will fight him and win,” Joshua said. “You’ve got to ask him the same question, I’m not too sure [what he would say].

“We did everything. During a global pandemic, the toughest time to organise a fight like that, we managed to have 20,000 fans available, a site fee, the media ready, my name was on the contract, I was in training.

“Then boom, they cancelled. I stay ready to fight them all because I’m a throwback fighter.”

And Fury has said that he believes Joshua will handily get past Usyk, setting up a super fight later this year, or in early 2022 for all the belts.

“I don’t believe Usyk is a heavyweight for one,” Fury told Seconds Out last week. “I think he’s a pumped up cruiserweight who struggles with heavyweights.

“In my opinion, Derek Chisora beat Oleksandr Usyk; he certainly struggled with Derek Chisora and Joshua is a much bigger, stronger man than Derek.

“I think he walks straight through Usyk, people are trying to build it up as a scary fight but he didn’t have the power to halt cruiserweights like Mairis Briedis or whoever else he fought.

“So he ain’t going to halt AJ, 260 lbs of pure muscle and 6″6′, how’s he going to keep him off?

“He couldn’t hurt Derek Chisora, hit him with his best shots on the chin and he didn’t hurt him, or at least it didn’t look like he’d hurt him.”

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