Anthony Joshua’s coaches blamed for world title defeat by Oleksandr Usyk

Joshua didn’t have an answer for the crafty movement and footwork of Usyk and Tyson Fury’s father John thinks Joshua’s corner is to blame for the loss.

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Anthony Joshua ready to do ‘it all again’ after loss to Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury’s dad John has pointed the blame for Anthony Joshua ‘s defeat by Oleksandr Usyk at his corner team.

Joshua lost his heavyweight titles for the second time in four fights when he was outpointed by Usyk in London, with all three judges scoring the fight for the Ukrainian.

Fans were quick to question the advice from Joshua’s corner after the fight, as calls of “brilliant AJ” could be heard from his coach Joby Clayton whilst Usyk was gaining the upper hand on him.

Joshua’s longtime trainer Rob McCracken admitted after the fight that Joshua should have used his jab more efficiently to keep Usyk off balance in the ring.

And whilst Joshua has hinted that he didn’t get his gameplan right for the fight, Fury thinks Joshua’s corner should have changed their gameplan in the later rounds.

Joshua was outpointed over twelve rounds


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He told BT Sport Boxing : “When your plan ain’t working it’s up to your corner to switch it up and they never. They kept saying in the eighth round, ‘be smart behind your jab’.

“It wasn’t working because he was in front of a master technician and he played Usyk’s game from the beginning and he didn’t try change it, that’s his corner’s fault.

“Give AJ a break because it wasn’t all his fault, it was his corner. They never had the brains to help him out in a sticky situation.”

Joshua will activate the rematch clause against Usyk in the hopes of winning back his titles, with February or March of next year being a likely date for the second fight.

Fury thinks Joshua should have adapted the same gameplan as Derek Chisora did against Usyk.

Chisora lost a unanimous decision to Usyk last October, but the gritty Brit troubled Usyk in the early rounds of the fight with the judges narrowingly scoring the fight for Usyk.

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Fury continued: “He’s a very awkward man Usyk and obviously [Joshua] never fought anyone like that before. What he did need to do is adopt Derek Chisora’s gameplan cause he did a better job than he did.

“You’ve got to believe in himself and I don’t think [Joshua] believes himself 100%. He hasn’t got that self belief, he didn’t show it that night. When you’re losing you’ve got to say ‘hang on, let’s get it on’.

“A big strong man 6’6 18 stone, let’s have a row sometimes. The boxing’s not working, let’s get in the trenches. He didn’t want to do that because he never had the gas tank.

“Another thing, he [Usyk] tasted the power early on. First round he said ‘I’ve got to watch out I don’t get knocked out here’. He tasted the straight right down the pipe and shook it off.”

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