Anthony Joshua’s reaction to defeat compared unfavourably to Deontay Wilder

John Fury has slammed Joshua for his reaction after being defeated by Oleksandr Usyk, stating the Brit can take lessons from Wilder on how to handle a loss

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Oleksandr Usyk returns Anthony Joshua’s belts following fight

Tyson Fury ‘s father has pointed out the striking difference in Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder ‘s behaviour after their recent defeats.

Joshua lost his heavyweight titles for the second time in four fights last month when he was outpointed by former cruiserweight king Oleksandr Usyk.

Wilder came up short in his efforts to win back his WBC heavyweight title against Fury, being knocked out in their trilogy fight after a back-and-forth 11 rounds.

Fury’s father praised Wilder for fighting his “heart out”, but thinks Joshua accepted his defeat and didn’t give it his all against Usyk.

He told the True Geordie podcast : “You’ve only got to look at Joshua’s body language after the fight, his behaviour on the stool. His behaviour, warrior’s don’t behave like that.

Joshua was outpointed for the first time his career last month

“If you look at Tyson and you look at Deontay Wilder – Deontay Wilder dipped his head much to say I’ve give me all I can’t do anymore, he was just all out.

“He wasn’t making any emotions like he was discomforted, he wasn’t trying to do anything but soak it all in. Deontay Wilder fought his heart out, he had nothing left at all.

“I think he was teetering on being conscious when he was sat on his stool. AJ didn’t do anything wrong, you can only do what you can do in boxing. He just hasn’t got the desire or the will.

“Not a quarter of it of these other two men, Wilder or my son. Honestly he’s been a good champion, but does he ever beat these other two men. Definitely not, because he’s not a one punch knockout artist like Wilder either.”

Joshua will get the chance to become a three-time heavyweight champion when he rematches Usyk, with their second fight being targeted for next spring.

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Wilder, meanwhile, broke his hand during his loss to Fury and faces six months on the sidelines due to the nature of his defeat.

His trainer Malik Scott has since revealed Wilder is already planning his comeback despite being brutally knocked out by Fury.

Fury’s father backed Wilder to beat Joshua in any potential fight, stating his son and the hard-hitting American are in a league of their own compared to other heavyweights.

He continued: “The minute he stings AJ with a right hand like that, it’s good night for AJ. He hasn’t got the resilience to cope with anything like that. Believe me, Usyk isn’t the puncher Wilder is.

“He’s not a knockout artist, he’s a respectable puncher Usyk. Wilder’s a lights out man. He’ll just switch your lights off completely. AJ can’t deal with it. Nobody else can. Him [Fury] and Wilder, they’re out there on their own.”

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