Arteta accuses media of trying to ‘break’ Arsenal after win at Chelsea


ikel Arteta has clarified comments made during his pre-match press conference ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Chelsea and insisted he will always defend his players.

The Spaniard, speaking after the win at Chelsea, aimed to clarify those comments, insisting he was not criticising his players’ effort or work rate.

Arteta has explained the responsibility is on him to ensure his players deliver their maximum and said he had been misquoted by the media.

“Nothing is broken, inside nothing is broken. I don’t know how hard they try from the outside, but inside no. They will try to put things on me that I never said,” said Arteta.

“You can see the spirit of the team from the first minute. It doesn’t matter if we are playing to be seventh, eighth, ninth. You can see that and you can never doubt about the effort and how much they try.

“I said if I don’t get 120 per cent off each player, it’s my fault and responsibility. And it wasn’t like this in the press and I am so annoyed by that.

“My players, I will defend them in front of everybody for the rest of the time that I’m here – because they deserve that, because they earn it every single day.

“The players give me everything every day. Everybody here does that, because if they doesn’t, I am not here or the players are not here.

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“Because the only thing I am going to demand until the last day is that they give me everything that they have. That’s all.

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