Arteta addresses Aubameyang’s alleged Covid-19 protocol breach

Neither Aubameyang nor Spanish tattoo artist Alejandro Nicolas Bernal were wearing masks and Arsenal are looking into whether their captain broke Covid-19 regulations.

The footage of Aubameyang getting a tattoo was posted on February 10, but it is not clear when it was recorded or if Bernal is part of the Arsenal captain’s household. Under current UK government Covid regulations, tattoo parlours must remain closed.

“Whatever we do with our players we keep it internally,” he said.

“It is true that there are a lot of members of our squad that have extended families at home and if any player does something that is not in the regulation obviously the club acts immediately – but always privately as well.

“We try to advise every player and make sure they know all the rules and that we stick to those rules all the time and if someone doesn’t do it obliviously we have to act immediately.

“I cannot tell you who every player lives with be we do [know] and when somebody does anything that shouldn’t be doing, obviously it is going to be found out by us and there will be consequences and, if not, there won’t be.”

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