Barcelona president claims Liverpool and Man Utd were “real founders” of ESL

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has claimed that Liverpool and Manchester United were the “real founders” of the failed European Super League project.

Shockwaves were sent around the world earlier this year when 12 clubs, including six English teams, announced their intentions to break away and form their own lucrative division.

Following a massive public backlash, however, their attempt failed, and the majority of those involved were forced into an embarrassing backtrack just two days later, with Real Madrid, Juventus and Barca now the only three to have not withdrawn.

As such, the trio are now being looked at as the most guilty parties, and UEFA intended to strongly punish them before a court injunction meant their attempts had to be suspended.

Joan Laporta is insistent that Liverpool and Manchester United were the “real founders” of the Super League

However, speaking in an interview with Spanish outlet La Vanguardia, Laporta pointed the finger towards England’s two biggest heavyweights when discussing where the idea originated from.

Liverpool and United were the real founders of the Super League,” he said. “UEFA threatened and was demagogic. The clubs have still not paid the compensation for leaving.

“The Super League project is alive. It will be the most attractive competition in the world, and it will be based on meritocracy and solidarity.”

Laporta, who took charge of Barcelona in March, has also opened up on the Catalan giant’s perilous financial situation, and admitted that they are in an extremely tricky situation.

“The club is worse than I expected, and I expected it to be in a difficult situation,” he continued. “There are some contracts that greatly limit us. There are things that will have to be explained and I won’t rule out any measures.

“Everything will be explained, because otherwise we would be accomplices. The same people always appear in the contracts.

“We have found ourselves with a squad with out-of-date salaries and we will have to juggle.

“Existing contracts can be changed or restructured, and then there are drastic measures that we would like not to have to take. Nothing is ruled out for the good of Barcelona.

“Between salaries and amortisations we have a figure of 650 million, which is more than the club’s income. These salaries are out of date.”

He is still confident, however, that the talismanic Lionel Messi will sign a new contract to stay beyond this summer, adding: “I would like Messi to say yes as soon as possible, it would help us in every way.

“We are in communication, day in and day out. He’s excited and I’m grateful for the desire he’s showing to stay.”

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