BBC issue apology as they suffer technical difficulties during Olympics coverage

The BBC have issued an apology after technical difficulties disrupted their coverage of the 2020 Olympic games.

The broadcaster’s commentators lost their coverage of the men’s team gymnastics event today, while Russia’s David Belyavskiy was in the middle of his pommel horse routine.

Fans were being treated to expert analysis from former Team GB gymnast Craig Heap, 48, before the live feed went down, leaving him startled.

Co-commentator Matt Baker, 43, conjured up an apology as he said: “We’ve lost our pictures, we have lost our pictures.

“Sorry everyone, we’re back on, we’re back on. And thankfully David Belyavskiy is still on the pommel horse.”

Team GB finished fourth while the ROC took the gold

Heap then responded: “Thankful for that, up into the handstand – we don’t know what happened in the middle of the routine but I presume it must’ve been good!”

But shortly afterwards the feed cut once again, just as the commentators were settling back in.

Once again Baker had to apologise and said: “It’s gone again, it’s gone again! Sorry everybody, I do apologise for this.

“We will get our technical team. We’re not in control of the pictures that are coming back from Tokyo. So we’re um…. well, it looked good!”

The gymnastics men’s team event was disrupted when the feed went down

Viewers were not impressed and took to Twitter to express their frustration at missing out on some of the action.

One fan described the BBC’s coverage as “amateur hour,” while another fumed: “BBC coverage and commentary on the Olympics has been below par. Sort it out!”

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) would go on to win the Men’s team Gymnastics event, while Team GB, led by two-time Olympic gold medalist list Max Whitlock, finished in fourth.

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