Ben Askren’s post-fight reaction sparks Jake Paul conspiracy theory

Ben Askren may have been stopped by Jake Paul in the first round – but fans are convinced he’s laughing all the way to the bank.


Former UFC star Askren was beaten inside 60 seconds of his professional boxing debut on Saturday night.

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Paul dropped his rival with a left-right combination and although Askren beat the referee’s count, the official waved off the bout.

Askren immediately left the ring but was filmed laughing with his wife as he returned to his dressing room.

And although he apologised on social media for the defeat, his reaction has left fans and fighters wondering if the former wrestler had pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Ben Askren was spotted laughing with his wife after his defeat

Former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier tweeted: “Wait a minute, did Askren get us all? Like this is some magician stuff… he wasn’t laughing on his way to the back was he? Come on, Ben.”

Another user said: “Here’s Askren walking out smiling and laughing after cashing his record cheque.”

And another added: The cut to Ben Askren laughing walking away after being “tko’d” is actually kinda worth it” and another said: “Askren laughing as he walks away. They played everyone.”

Other fans went as far as to label the fan “a fix” and “fake”.

Jake Paul KO'd Ben Askren to win his third fight
Jake Paul KO’d Ben Askren to win his third fight

Askren will earn a guaranteed $500,000 from his defeat plus his share of the pay-per-view revenue. Paul is guaranteed $690,000 but will likely ultimately make an eight-figure sum.

Askren was fighting for the first time since he announced his retirement from mixed martial arts in 2019.

He subsequently underwent hip surgery and looked out of shape at Friday’s weigh-in, prompting Paul to take aim at his “beer belly”

And after the fight, Askren admitted he had done as much as he could in the time allowed.

He added: “I probably deserve to be ridiculed. I lost to Jake Paul, it’s f****** embarrassing.”

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