Brady can make his legacy untouchable by beating Mahomes at Super Bowl LV

Sunday is Super Bowl LV with Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and head and shoulders above all other storylines is the tale of the Quarterbacks.

For the Buccaneers you have Tom Brady, 43, the greatest NFL player of all-time. His record haul of six Super Bowl wins confirms him as such.

Reaching the Super Bowl this year with a new team has silenced any doubters – myself included – who thought he may have been a fortunate system

Quarterback, carried to much of his success by the best NFL coach of all time – Bill Belichick.

Patrick Mahomes, 25, on the other hand is the best NFL player I and many experts have ever seen.

If he had retired last year, having played just two seasons as a starter, he would still be a Hall of Famer, having already been voted the League MVP, the Super Bowl MVP and won a Super Bowl.

Brady is searching for his seventh Super Bowl triumph

In the pre-game build-up, you will no doubt hear the match-up billed as “the Master versus the Apprentice”.

A much more fitting tagline is that it pitches “the best there has ever been against the man who could become even better.”

It may seem outrageous, even disrespectful, to compare what Mahomes has achieved so far in his career to what Brady has in his.

But one day, I don’t think it will be.

When Roger Federer won his second Wimbledon title people laughed at the suggestion that he could be as successful as Bjorn Borg.

Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory in last year's finale
Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory in last year’s finale

In 2013, when Lebron James won back-to-back NBA titles with the Miami Heat, saying he could one day be considered in Michael Jordan’s calibre was scoffed at.

And as a 21-year-old Tiger Woods put on his first green jacket at Augusta, people knew he would be a star, but to suggest he may match the achievements of Jack Nicklaus seemed a bit of a reach.

I don’t want to be the person that gets carried away and I want to cut through my love for the Kansas City Chiefs but I believe Mahomes can go on to match Brady’s record haul – as ridiculous as that sounds right now.

However, I also believe he can only do that if he wins on Sunday night.

A seventh Super Bowl victory is a feat which may never be matched
A seventh Super Bowl victory is a feat which may never be matched

If Mahomes does win on Sunday, his Super Bowl count versus Brady will stand at two to six.

If he then plays until he is 40, he could plausibly win four more Super Bowl’s in that period.

However, if Brady wins his seventh Super Bowl, that would feel insurmountable for anybody.

In terms of individual player achievements, I believe this year’s Super Bowl will go on to be considered the most significant in NFL history.

Either Brady pulls away and cements himself as untouchable, or Mahomes, much like Federer, James and Woods have done, will have the greatest of all time in his sport checking his rear-view mirror long into retirement.

Sam Quek’s Super Bowl LV prediction

And as for the result. I believe – and hope – that the Chiefs will win. The Buccaneers have been successful by stopping teams running the ball and forcing them to throw. That’s ideal for the Chiefs with Mahomes throwing to Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

My Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20.

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