Canelo Alvarez agrees to Billy Joe Saunders’ ring demands as rivals face off

Canelo Alvarez has agreed to take on Billy Joe Saunders in a bigger ring after the row threatened to scupper their unification clash.

Saunders said earlier this week that he would refuse to fight if the ring was not upgraded from 18 foot to 22 foot.

He was absent from Tuesday’s media obligations as Alvarez faced the press alone while Saunders watched Scarface in his hotel.

The Brit later claimed the issue was resolved when Alvarez said he didn’t care about the size of the ring before admitting it was ont yet finalised.

But promoter Eddie Hearn has now confirmed Alvarez has given the green light to use a 22-foot ring.

Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders face off

“We’re all good. Billy got here and wasn’t happy with the ring, the team asked for a 20 foot by 20 fit ring, I agreed that with Canelo then Billy asked for a 22-foot ring,” he told IFL TV.

“He said he was going home and I believed him. This is what he was pushing for. Thankfully I had a conversation with Canelo that I was a little scared about. I asked if he had a problem with that and he said, no, not at all.”

Saunders had earlier explained his frustrations are due to training in a 24 foot ring and then being asked to fight in an 18 foot one.

“If they’d had told me from day one, I’d have trained in an 18-foot ring and we could have fought in an 18-foot ring,” he told iFL TV.

“But I’ve been training in an Olympic-sized ring, a 24-foot ring. It’s a unification fight, everything on the line and 70,000 people there, it doesn’t make sense to put an 18-foot ring in the middle.

“It’s a case of being treated fairly. Eddie says we don’t do 22s, we only do 20s; but why would you put a 20-foot ring in for Callum Smith and an 18-foot ring for me?

“If I’d have prepared in an 18-foot ring then no problem. Any fighter knows you prepare in a similar sized work office that you go to work in and this is a million miles away.”

Should the fight go ahead this weekend, Saunders will put his WBO belt on the line while Canelo will offer up his WBA and WBC straps.

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