Carragher’s “oh f***” comment upsets US TV viewers after Alex Scott corrects him

CBS Sports presenter Kate Abdo was forced to apologise live on air after Jamie Carragher swore in response to Alex Scott correcting him.

Former Liverpool defender-turned pundit Carragher dropped the gaffe in a conversation with ex-women’s player Scott during a Champions League broadcast on Tuesday.

Scott had been discussing how young players flourish at Borussia Dortmund, when Carragher interjected.

“We’re actually on American TV and you forgot [Gio] Reyna! He’s actually playing for Dortmund as well…,” Carragher said.

“But in terms of my position though, I played for the club I wanted to play for, didn’t want to move and you were the same at Arsenal weren’t you?”

Jamie Carragher swore live on CBS Sports forcing presenter Kate Abdo to apologise

At that point Scott set the record straight, explaining in reference to her stint with National Women’s Soccer League team Boston Breakers: “Well I spent three years in America, went away…”

Carragher then quipped back in disbelief: “Oh f***! When did you do that?!” with Scott quickly reminding him: “We’re on American TV, Jamie!”

The conversation continued undeterred until Abdo addressed the issue a short while later.

“I’m afraid a naughty word may have just slipped out there, so we’d just like to apologise,” Abdo said.

That wasn’t the end of Carragher’s difficult evening on screen though, as he later upset U.S viewers with his comments on Barcelona’s American full-back Sergino Dest.

Asked about the players that Carragher likes to watch most, he replied: “You’re going on about Ronaldo and Messi but the player I want to watch every week is Dest!”

Abdo responded to his joke: “Are we just in a competition here for American affection?!”

Carragher then said: “I could get my numbers up to [Donald] Trump’s level if the US start following me!”

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Alex Scott saw the funny side of Carragher's gaffe
Alex Scott saw the funny side of Carragher’s gaffe


To which Abdo replied: “I think you were seen as condescending – I’ve not looked at Twitter, I’m just going off what I’ve been told.”

Unbeknownst to Carragher, his comments had already stirred some negative reactions on Twitter when he tried to back-track.

“No, I was joking [about American players] because Micah [Richards] built up the US national team, I thought he was doing it for the viewers so I thought I’d take it a step further,” he reasoned.

Richards then comically appeared from off screen to say to his co-pundit: “I’ll come and save you, don’t worry!”

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