Championship guarantee included in fresh Premier League bailout offer

The latest offer from the top-flight is understood to guarantee that no Championship clubs will be allowed to go out of business during the pandemic.

The EFL is yet to communicate the proposal to Championship clubs, who could convene on an emergency call to discuss the offer after Thursday’s meeting.

The 72 EFL clubs rejected the top-flight’s previous offer of £50million in loans and grants to clubs in Leagues One and Two, claiming it was divisive for excluding the Championship.

The Premier League was reluctant to include the second tier, amid concerns about long-term financial mismanagement pre-dating the pandemic and the prospect of effectively propping up clubs who could be direct rivals in the near future.

The fresh offer on the table would provide the same sum for League One and League Two – £20m immediately and a £30m emergency fund – but include guarantees that no Championship club will be allowed to go to the wall as a result of Covid measures.

It is thought Championship clubs would be able to apply for loans on a case-by-case basis and would have to provide proof to the Premier League that they cannot afford to continue running without assistance.

The top-flight insisted its initial support package, which was rejected in mid-October, did not include any conditions and the fresh offer is also thought to come with no strings attached.

The EFL has consistently said its clubs need £250m to survive.

Last week, EFL chairman Rick Parry slammed the Government in an open letter for not including professional football in a bailout package but Whitehall has since reiterated that the sport must support itself through the crisis.

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