Chelsea fans to attend board meetings in wake of Super League fiasco


helsea have announced they will give supporters a presence at board meetings from July 1.

As the club bids to rebuild its relationship with fans following the European Super League fallout, three elected “supporter advisors” will attend board meetings to “ensure general supporter sentiment is considered as part of the club’s decision-making process”.

Chelsea say “candidates will be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement” which will “allow the club to discuss and seek advice on a broad range of matters”.

The supporter advisors will not have any voting rights, and will not participate in any meetings relating to players, staff or the academy.

Supporter advisors will attend approximately four meetings per year, and more if appropriate. New supporters will be elected before the start of each season.

Chelsea have said that if the supporter advisors complete their year successfully then they will be given £2,500 to donate to charity.

Chelsea will now consult with fan groups to discuss the process for selecting the three supporter advisors.

The club have said they will ensure “the supporter presence is representative of our supporter base generally and is inclusive and diverse”.

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