Chris Eubank pays tribute to “loving son” Sebastian following death age 29

Boxing legend Chris Eubank has paid tribute tribute to his “loving son” Sebastian, who was laid to rest at a family funeral on Saturday.

Sebastian, 29, passed away from a heart attack in Dubai last week having drowned while swimming.

He was the third of Eubank’s five children, and the boxing legend, 54, says he “left a legacy to be proud of” having become a father just one month before his death.

Eubank said: “We have said goodbye to a loving son, brother, father and devoted husband Sebastian Eubank.

“He was laid to rest in Dubai after dying from a heart attack on the beach he loved so much.

Chris Eubank shared the family’s devastation at the loss of Sebastian

“We are overwhelmed and profoundly grateful for the love and support we continue to receive. We all take strength that Sebastian left a legacy that his son will be proud of.

”My family and I would like to thank the Dubai Police again for making the burial a swift and smooth process during such an unbearable day.”

The Eubanks were allowed to enter Dubai for the funeral after being given special dispensation to travel.

Sebastian lived in Dubai with wife Salma and one-month-old son Raheem, and worked as a personal trainer having previously followed his father into boxing.

In an earlier tribute soon after his son’s death, Eubank said: “Never did I ever imagine I would write these words or experience the feeling I now have at the loss of my son.

“My family and I are devastated to hear of the death of Sebastian just days before what would have been his 30th birthday.

“He leaves his wife Salma, his son Raheem born just a month ago, his mother Karron Meadows, brothers Nathanael, Chris Jr, Joseph, one sister Emily and countless relatives and friends.

Sebastian lived in Dubai with wife Salma

“Sebastian grew up in Hove in England but in the last few years made his life in Dubai where he had a wide circle of friends and was a leader in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and of alternative therapies.

“As well as being a personal trainer and professional boxer, Sebastian was also a deep thinker who liked to challenge accepted wisdom. He was loved and respected by all who knew him and will be forever in the thoughts of friends and family.”

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