Chris Sutton accuses PFA chief of having “blood on hands” over dementia crisis

Chris Sutton has claimed Gordon Taylor has got “blood on his hands” over football’s dementia crisis.

Former Blackburn Rovers striker Sutton delivered damning evidence to MPS after his own father Mike died in December after a ten year battle with the disease.

It also came on the same day that former England star Frank Worthington, 72, died after a long illness, having being diagnosed with dementia in 2016.

Sutton, a Premier League title winner with Blackburn, angrily accused players’ union boss Taylor, the Professional Footballers’ Association and the Football Association of not doing enough to tackle the problem.

Ex-Celtic star Sutton, whose father also played for Norwich, gave evidence to the Department of Culture Media and Sport select committee and said: “This meeting should have happened 20 years ago.

Chris Sutton with his father Mike, who died after a decade long battle with dementia

“The fact is the FA and PFA have not done anywhere near enough. They have ignored, shunned, turned their backs on a massive issue.

“Hundreds of players have died. My father among them. And we do not even know what has happened in the amateur game.

“They have not been interested. Gordon Taylor has blood on his hands.

PFA boss Gordon Taylor has been accused of having “blood on his hands”

“We have to recognise this and we cannot keep talking about it. There are things we can do and we can put in place.”

Sutton’s incredibly moving evidence to MPs as one of ten expert witnesses will again shine the light on football and the need to do more because of the links to dementia and heading the football.

Sutton added: “The way my father died, ten years of just slipping away, it was a horrible, horrible death.

“We could not visit him. This was a strong man who could not talk in the end. He just lay on the bed, weeing himself. It was awful.

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“The FA and PFA have, quite frankly, not stepped up for the last 20 years. There are still people in the PFA who were part of the decision making process with Gordon Taylor, who are still part of the decision making process.

“There are simple things we can do. Why are we not doing them? What is the downside?”

Mirror Sport have contacted the PFA for comment.

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