Collymore calls for World Cup action if England stars suffer more racist abuse

Stan Collymore is calling for drastic action to be taken by England players if the unacceptable levels of racist abuse some have been subjected to this week continue.

Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho were all targeted after missing penalties in the Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy.

And former Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and England striker Collymore said: “The only way we’re going to deal with the situation English football finds itself in with racism is by taking people’s toys away from them for a longer period.

“And I’m not talking social media boycotts, either.

“It’s going to take something bigger than that.

“Something like England’s senior players refusing to play in one of their World Cup qualifiers against Hungary, Andorra or Poland when the new season gets underway.

A host of England stars were abused following the Euro 2020 final

“We all know that between now and September 2, when they go to Budapest to face Hungary, the issue is going to get worse.

“Tribal club allegiances will kick back in and the second Sancho, Saka and Rashford — or any of England’s black players — do something against a rival team they will be subjected to the sort of abuse they have suffered this week.

“And unless there’s a direct consequence for those who think it is okay to abuse others based on the colour of their skin, then they are going to continue to believe they can get away with doing what they are doing.

“So I’d like to hear the FA come out and say, ‘Against Andorra at Wembley on September 5, the black players who represent England have decided they will not be making themselves available for the national team. And, on the back of it, neither will their white team-mates’.

“Then we can decide whether to put out the 21s or forfeit the game, do something extreme which shows that for every action there’s a reaction and this isn’t one people are going to like.

Gareth Southgate was quick to defend his players
Gareth Southgate was quick to defend his players

“If such measures then start being taken at club level with, say, Burnley, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool players refusing to play, finally we might get somewhere.

“That’s because more and more people will start saying, ‘Get out, we don’t want you here’ to the racists, they will self-police.

“I know Gareth Southgate and those involved with senior team would do it, but would the FA, Premier League, EFL and broadcasters have the balls to follow?

“I’m not saying this will eradicate racism and it won’t stop people being racist.

“But in a country where the minority is being emboldened by politicians’ refusal to condemn their actions, it might make them think twice.”

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