Conor McGregor aims further jabs at UFC legend Cormier amid social media spat

The pair were both double champions in their UFC careers, but they have been at loggerheads in recent weeks after a number of ‘tweet-and-delete’ sprees from McGregor

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Conor McGregor has slammed Daniel Cormier in yet another set of tweets as part of a fan Q&A.

The two former UFC double champions have been going back-and-forth in recent weeks after a series of ‘tweet-and-delete’ sprees from McGregor where the Irishman made fun of the American.

And in a new question session with fans on Twitter, McGregor has again taken shots at Cormier, saying that he is unprofessional in his capacity as a broadcaster for ESPN and the UFC.

Asked by a fan about “journalists who always talk against” him, the legendary fighter slammed unnamed reporters as being unprofessional, before specifically referencing ‘DC’ [Cormier’s initials and nickname].

“I understand the business fully,” McGregor explained. “It’s when it’s covered solely one sided is the issue – that is not professionalism.

“That is moms basement. DC hooks a tripod/camera up the box room of his house. It’s garbage.”

Cormier is a ringside commentator for major UFC pay-per-view events, and hosts two shows for ESPN; Detail with Daniel Cormier, and RC&DC with NFL star Ryan Clark.

He also used to host a show with veteran MMA journalist and friend of McGregor’s Ariel Helwani, who left the broadcaster earlier this year.

Conor McGregor has taken another little shot at Daniel Cormier


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And in a later tweet asked about what it felt like to be a simultaneous two-weight world champion, McGregor threw more shade at Cormier, denying that he, or fellow double champion Henry Cejudo, were legitimate double champions.

He referenced bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes in a tweet saying, “Double consecutive unified UFC champion!

“Only me and Amanda [have] done it.”

Cormier held the light heavyweight championship when he won his heavyweight title from Stipe Miocic in 2018, having beaten Volkan Oezdemir for the 205 belt months earlier.

And Cejudo, who is managed by McGregor’s nemesis and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s right-hand man Ali Abdelaziz, won the vacant bantamweight title in 2019 having defended his flyweight title against TJ Dillashaw.

But McGregor doesn’t seem to consider either of them to qualify under his definition of a “double consecutive unified UFC champion”.

This was far from McGregor’s first public shot at Cormier, saying in a since-deleted tweet recently that the American was “drunk” the night before commentating on his trilogy with Dustin Poirier.

A feud was sparked between McGregor and Cormier after ‘DC’ labelled McGregor’s comments about Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father as a “cry for help”.

McGregor was infuriated by Cormier’s claim, calling him a “fat mess” and criticising Cormier for drinking alcohol whilst on commentary duty for McGregor’s trilogy fight with Poirier at UFC 264.

“It is a sackable offence for a commentator to be drunk at press work the day before commentating the big fight,” McGregor said. “Dreadful!”

“Get it together. Belching in the mic at a press event and an all, what the f***?

“The day before commenting the big fight? Is this guy serious? Disgraceful.”

Cormier has responded, telling McGregor to focus on fighters in his own division as he recovers from a broken leg.

“So McGregor, listen to me bud. Stop worrying about me. Don’t worry about Daniel Cormier,” he said.

“Don’t worry about the things that I’m saying. Don’t worry about how I’m dressing and how I’m looking. Don’t do that. Worry about the dudes that keep beating your ass every time you go into the octagon.”

“The reality is, McGregor is a high-level fighter, but when I said it was a cry for help, I did it with no ill intent.

“This was just me saying, find some people that are willing to step up and say, ‘Hey man, let’s get everything right.’

“But the reality is, I don’t need to be friends with Conor McGregor so I really don’t care what he says about me personally.

“I’m going to continue to do my job and where he deserves praise, he’ll get praise. Where he deserves to be critiqued, he will get critiqued.”

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