Conor McGregor boasts he will celebrate Khabib’s manager’s death in latest rant

McGregor had an online spat with Ali Abdelaziz before deleting the rant having vowed to celebrate the MMA manager’s death

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Conor McGregor has gloated to Khabib Nurmagomrdov’s manager that he will celebrate his death.

McGregor and Ali Abdelaziz have a long-running feud which dates back to the Irishman’s rivalry with retired UFC legend Nurmagomedov.

But the Dubliner took his insults to a new level in his latest social media outburst when began by insulting his former foe for staying on the bus when McGregor attacked it in New York in 2018.

The incident fuelled the pair’s rivalry which was settled several months later when Nurmagomedov choked out McGregor in the fourth round of their fight.

“Where is Khabib’s “s*** in his pants medal” ? He need this for s*** his pants 10 rows back,” McGregor wrote alongside a picture of Nurmagomedov on the bus.

Conor McGregor went on another social media rant



Abdelaziz replied: “You’re drinking again boy; he take your soul but never give it back. Punk b****.” to which McGregor responded with a clip of a search engine question about inbreeding in Dagestan where Nurmagomedov is from.

Abdelaziz: “Here we go again insulting people’s nation and religion. This is not funny, [it is] my dream to see you in person.”

McGregor then escalated the row, saying: “I hate you bro. When you die I celebrate.”

The former two-weight world champion then took a break from his row with Abdelaziz to insult a female Twitter used who he claimed had a “d*** nose”.

He soon resumed the row when Abdelaziz said: “People of Dagestan [are] some of the best people in the world’ they are honorable hard worker and have a lot of integrity; something you don’t know nothing about.”

McGregor: ” You mad at Google, bro?” Abdelaziz: “You sick do you think it is funny i’m done responding to your sick ass.”

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McGregor signed off by saying, “Smell you later, s*** the bus” before he deleted his entire outburst.

MvGregor is currently recovering from the broken leg he suffered in this third fight with Dustin Poirier.

The former champion was injured towards the end of his third fight with his lightweight rival and was unable to continue.

He is expected to be out of action until next summer and has given no indication that he intends to retire.

Nurmagomedov, meanwhile, did hang up his gloves 12 months ago following his successful title defence against Justin Gaethje.

UFC president Dana White attempted to convince his star to return but his big-money offers were not enough to change Nurmagomedov’s mind.

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