Conor McGregor explains DM request from Dustin Poirier’s wife Jolie

Conor McGregor insists he has no idea why Dustin Poirier’s wife attempted to slide into his DMs earlier this week.

The Irishman took an underhanded swipe at Poirier on Twitter, dragging his wife Jolie into their bitter back-and-forth with a screenshot that implies she attempted to message him on Instagram.

McGregor posted to his nearly nine million followers a photo showing a message saying Poirier’s wife had sent him a DM, which he could accept the request to view, which he had not yet opted to do.

Asked about the message, McGregor told “You’d have to ask her, I haven’t a clue. You’d have to ask her, I don’t play that game… another man’s wife.”

And asked about Poirier’s claim that his social media activity is the sign of an insecure man, McGregor added: “I don’t give a f*** what he says, I pity that man and I will pity him more after Saturday night.”

McGregor has been engaging in mental warfare over social media with Poirier, sending him a creepy voice note earlier in the week, telling his opponent: “I’m coming for you”.

The former two-weight world champion used Twitter to send Poirier a warning, in which he blasted the Louisiana native as a “silly hillbilly” and revived the infamous ‘pea head’ nickname he used heading into their first fight in 2014.

There is no evidence that the DM request is real, and neither Poirier has replied to the post over the last few days.

The ‘fake DM’ tactic has been used by a number of fighters recently, with it a frequent weapon of McGregor’s teammate and close friend Dillon Danis in social media battles.

He recently engaged in an argument with UFC fighter Aspen Ladd, who had called him a “dork” in a Twitter spat, when he shared a supposed private message from Ladd asking him if he was single.

The photo was not real, but garnered massive response from his hundreds of thousands of followers, and it is also a method used by Jake Paul in his feud with Tommy Fury.

Poirier appears to be a bit more tactful in his interviews about McGregor, calling him a “well-rounded mixed martial artist” in an interview with TSN.

“I think he has a big advantage in some areas like his punching power,” Poirier said when asked if McGregor was a limited fighter.

“That’s been worked on for years, and I’m sure some of it’s God gifted, his timing is very good, but I truly believe he is a well-rounded martial artist.

“But he’s so successful in those areas that he doesn’t have to go in there and shoot for a takedown because he believes he’s going to finish the fight on the feet.

“He doesn’t have to play jiu-jitsu because he’s so confident in what’s been working for him, he’s knocked out a bunch of greats.

“Don’t fix it if it’s not broken, he hurts guys when he lands shots and he’s so good at that, his timing is so good, I truly believe he is a well-rounded fighter.

“He’s at a good gym with good people around him so I would assume he’s good everywhere.”

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