Conor McGregor receives rare praise from UFC rival after fight call-out

McGregor has received praise from lightweight contender Michael Chandler who has called him out recently, but has praised his rival for his career in the UFC despite his current losing streak

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Conor McGregor: Who will he fight next?

Michael Chandler has heaped praise on Conor McGregor’s UFC career by disregarding his losing streak amid talk of a potential meeting between the pair.

The Irishman is set to make his UFC comeback next year as he steps up his recovery from a broken leg suffered in defeat by Dustin Poirier.

He has been called out by American lightweight Chandler who is currently ranked No.5, four places above McGregor.

But Chandler has lauded McGregor’s achievements and dismissed calls that the Irishman struggles with the wrestling side of his skillset.

Chandler told the ‘Bussin’ With The Boys’ podcast : “It’s a different approach when you’re fighting a guy like Conor because fighting a guy like (Justin) Gaethje, who loves to brawl.

“So, you’ve definitely gotta be on your Ps and Qs with the striking. But then the coolest thing about Conor, too, is everybody always talks about how bad of a wrestler he is, how bad of a grappler he is.

Michael Chandler has called out Conor McGregor in recent weeks



“Chad Mendes took him down a couple times. He got taken down a couple times in the second (Nate) Diaz fight. He got taken down numerous times in other fights. And he has always kept his composure.

“His mental awareness capacity and stability inside of the octagon, inside the confines of competition – especially with how heightened the stakes and the senses are, inside of his fights, while everybody in the entire world is watching – it’s something to behold, man.

“He’s a different level of competitor. And anybody who discredits him because he’s lost fights is just either a casual or a Conor hater, to be honest with you.”

Chandler is eyeing a fight with McGregor even after his brutal war with Gaethje which he lost by decision.

However his stock rose after engaging in the bloody battle, despite not being able to capitalise on becoming the leading contender for a lightweight title shot.

The American has described any potential fight with McGregor as “electrifying”, with the pair even agreeing on social media to stage a bout when the Irishman is available to return.

Should Conor McGregor face Michael Chandler when he returns to the UFC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

McGregor has faced heavy criticism as his losing streak continued in July with a third defeat in his last four fights suffered at the hands of bitter rival Poirier.

A whole host of other options have presented themselves to McGregor including a trilogy with Nate Diaz at welterweight and a rematch with Max Holloway.

But UFC analyst Chael Sonnen believes that McGregor would be better suited to facing a tune-up fight against Paul Felder rather than pursuing Chandler or any other contender.

“There is other matches that you could do where all of a sudden you can make up some ground with Conor,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. “Man, I’ll throw a name at you. Paul Felder.

“Paul Felder is retired. If Paul Felder came back for Conor McGregor he would lock down into an eight-week training the same as Conor’s going to do. It is going to be even. And they’re gonna go out and have a match, together that makes a lot of sense.”

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