Conor McGregor shut down by UFC champion after making title claim

‘The Notorious’ has seen his plans to take on UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman take a dent after the Nigerian-American fighter warned him against moving up a weight division

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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has issued Conor McGregor with a stern warning, telling the Irishman to rethink his idea about moving up a weight class.

McGregor recently hosted a question and answer session with fans on twitter, in which he claimed he would “spark” Usman if the pair met in the octagon for the welterweight title.

The fan who posed the question to McGregor wrote: “What’s it like to spark people unconscious in three different weight divisions?”

To which the former lightweight champion replied: “Tremendous! I love this record! I fight for the 170lb title I will spark him too. That would be fastest ko in ufc title fight (13 seconds).

“Most knockdowns in ufc title fight (5) And then another KO in a ufc title fight. 3 title fights. 3 ko’s. 3 new records. It’s right there!”

However, his reply sparked somewhat of a war of words on twitter, as Usman did not take kindly to McGregor’s claims and quoted his initial reply.

“Spark who?? You must be talking about that pipe you’ve been smoking.,” Usman said. “Unlike you, if I’m gonna talk s*** ill @ U. Now be quiet before I call Poirier or Khabib or Diaz to finish you again.”

This is not the first time McGregor has been embroiled in a public spat with Usman.

The Irishman accused Usman of stealing his trash talk ideas after the 170-pound titan claimed fighting him is like “Green Panty Night,” an obvious twist on McGregor’s famous “Red Panty Night” quote.

McGregor wrote on Instagram : “Usman even copying my shots now. Am I to fight this guy at some stage? I think so. Can’t be copying my words and my shots and not get a smack for it. I like 170. It’s mine soon.”

Conor McGregor and Kamaru Usman are forging quite the rivalry

Usman responded quickly, claiming: “Except when I touch you at 170, they go out. They don’t even go out at 155 anymore for you. I finish people. You get finished.”

McGregor clearly fancies his chances against Usman and views the fight as a perfect comeback bout from his recent defeat to Dustin Poirier, who insisted he would not be waiting around for a prospective fourth bout.

“We’ll see what happens, I am not sitting back and waiting to fight him a fourth time, if it makes sense and comes about then we’ll do it again,” Poirier told the MMA hour.

“I’m just training, living my life, my daughter had her first day at school today, I’m having fun trying to continue to grow as a martial artist but we’ll see, I am not committing to anything, I haven’t even spoken to the UFC about a title fight or their timeline, I haven’t been reached out to by the company, anything is possible but I’ll just go with what makes the most sense.”

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