Conor McGregor to share £110m windfall without throwing a punch

UFC star Conor McGregor is set to walk away with a share of £110million after selling part of his lucrative whiskey brand.

The ‘Notorious’ launched the Proper Twelve whiskey company back in 2018 along with his manager Audie Attar prior to his ill-fated fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Now, however, Mexican beverage company Becle are set to assume control of the company.

Becle initially acquired a 20 per-cent share of the company at launch, before increasing their investment to 49 per-cent in 2020.

They are now set to increase that stake to 51 per-cent, giving them majority control of the company.

Conor McGregor is set to sell his Proper Twelve whiskey brand

A statement from Becle confirmed the plans, which are still subject to completion.

“On February 23, 2021, the Company provided notice of the exercise of its call option to acquire 51 per cent of the equity interests of EBS,” the statement read.

“We expect to announce further details upon the closing of the transaction.”

Conor McGregor launched the Proper Twelve brand in 2018 before he fought Khabib Nurmagomedov
Conor McGregor launched the Proper Twelve brand in 2018 before he fought Khabib Nurmagomedov

The transaction is said to be worth a whopping £110m, which McGregor will earn a share of due to his stake in the company.

McGregor has raked in the money in recent years due to his exploits in the octagon and boxing ring.

The Irishman last fought at UFC 257 against Dustin Poirier, earning a cool £3.6m just for showing up, as well as a cut of the Pay Per View revenue.

McGregor lost by knockout in the second round of his rematch with Poirier, but is eager to get in the cage for a trilogy fight.

UFC president Dana White confirmed: “He wants the rematch with Dustin Poirier, and he wants it as soon as possible. We’re working on it. Hopefully this summer.

“I think the loss put him back into a really good place. It’s the classic ‘Rocky III’. You’re pulling up to the fight in yachts and covered in Versace and you got all the money in the world, it’s hard to stay hungry.”

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