Conor McGregor told he is “no longer one of us” by UFC rival

UFC star McGregor has taken aim at several fighters on social media since his last loss and Anthony Smith thinks the Irishman is no longer a proper fighter

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Conor McGregor: Who will he fight next?

UFC star Anthony Smith thinks Conor McGregor ‘s recent social media outbursts are a result of him not being a legitimate fighter anymore.

McGregor has taken shots at several fighters and pundits since his UFC 264 loss to Dustin Poirier in which he broke his tibia.

Smith criticised McGregor’s outbursts earlier this year with the Irishman firing back and labelling the light heavyweight as a “big zombie”.

McGregor also took aim at Smith last weekend whilst he was working the commentary desk for UFC Vegas 42.

“What the f*** is this? Get this off my tele now,” McGregor laughed in a now-deleted video.

And Smith thinks McGregor is driven “crazy” by the fact he will never be a proper fighter again.

Conor McGregor broke his tibia at UFC 264


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“I don’t give a s*** what Conor thinks about me, but I don’t know why he’s taken aim at me twice,” Smith told SiriusXM.

“But as I thought about it, I think I figured it out. Conor’s been uber, uber-successful. He’s made more money than he could ever spend. He’s made true, like, generational wealth.

“His kids’ kids’ kids’ kids are going to be just fine because of the things that Conor’s accomplished.

“What Conor can never get back, is he’ll never be one of us again – and it drives him absolutely crazy. He used to be – he used to be one of us.”

McGregor’s outbursts have also drawn the attention of fellow UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, who told the Irishman to ” be a celebrity ” instead of a fighter.

Former UFC title contender turned analyst Chael Sonnen has also labelled McGregor a ” rich little weirdo ” for his recent social media posts.

McGregor has been called out by fighters such as Max Holloway, Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson as he prepares to make his UFC return next year.

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He was scheduled to make a return to boxing in a wheelchair fight next month but was forced to postpone the bout until March due to his injury.

And Smith thinks McGregor – who topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes this year – has “sold his soul” for money.

“I found myself sitting at the desk wondering, like, does Conor miss what it felt like to be in the gym and just be one of the guys? Because he’s alienated himself from everybody,” he continued.

“I’ve been around him a little bit. I don’t know him. But I’ve been around him and he was one of the guys.

“Then he kind of sold out and he starts taking shots at people and he kind of sold his soul for all that money. That’s fine if that’s what you want to do.”

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