Couples split by Euro rivalries are united by final over passion


nstagram influencers Dave Burt and Alice Sampo are one of many London couples sure to experience both joy and heartache at the end of Sunday’s final.

The Englishman and his Italian girlfriend have embraced the tournament, sharing football updates with the 2.6million who follow their @London account.

Mr Burt said they have been enjoying the “electric” atmosphere around Wembley Park where they live.

“Even the Italians who are not into sport are always passionate about Italy. The atmosphere around here is just electric. We get on very well and are not the sort of people who fall out, but as an Englishman I’m obviously yearning for England to win.

“I think one of us is going to be a little heartbroken on Sunday.”

George Connolly and his Italian fiancé Paola Trusolino

/ Paola Trusolino

English George Connolly and his Italian fiancé Paola Trusolino will be watching the final together despite their divided loyalties.

Miss Trusolino said: “Football is one of the things that Italy is good at. We aren’t great at rugby or tennis, so it is something that makes us quite proud.

“It’s been good humoured jokes in our house so far. We watched the England Denmark match separately and George came back shouting “it’s coming home”. I had to say ‘no it’s not, George. Go to bed’.”

Mr Connolly added: “I watched Italy’s semi-final with Paola and her brother and they were both screaming and shouting in Italian.

“Frankly it was a bit frightening. This is England’s big chance so we are trying to find somewhere a bit more neutral to watch the final.”

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