Darren Bent controversially names five strikers he thinks are better than Aguero

Darren Bent has named five Premier League greats who he believes should be considered better strikers than outgoing Manchester City star Sergio Aguero.

Debate is raging once again over the best forward to have ever played in the division after it was announced on Monday that Aguero will move on at the end of the season.

The 32-year-old Argentinean will leave as City’s all-time top scorer and is also fourth on the Premier League list after notching up 181 goals in his ten seasons in England.

Bent, however, says that although he admires Aguero’s achievements, there are a number of other players who he prefers – particularly Arsenal legend Thierry Henry.

Sergio Aguero will leave Manchester City this summer

“For me Thierry is the best,” Bent told talkSPORT. “I don’t think, personally, Aguero is in the same bracket in terms of all-round play.

“I think there’s a lot that Thierry could do that Aguero can’t, but there’s a limit to what Aguero can do that Thierry couldn’t.

“You’d have to say Shearer. 260 goals is incredible. I think Rooney is up there. For being the actual best, there’s so many different arguments.

“If you ask me who my personal favourite five are, it would be Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer.”

And Bent also gave a mention to a former Manchester United great who he believes deserves more credit than he currently gets.

He continued: “Aguero wouldn’t make my personal top five. He’s absolutely outstanding but there’s been so many greats.

Darren Bent thinks the likes of Thierry Henry are clear of Aguero in the debate of all-time best strikers
Darren Bent thinks the likes of Thierry Henry are clear of Aguero in the debate of all-time best strikers

“Someone who doesn’t even get a mention is Andy Cole – he scored one penalty and has got 187 Premier League goals. That’s frightening in itself.”

Aguero needs seven Premier League goals before he leaves City if he is to overtake Cole into third position in the all-time list, and will have the opportunity to close the gap if he is selected for their upcoming game against Leicester on Saturday.

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