Dunne ‘opened towel’ in front of fellow jockey Frost, BHA panel told

Frost gave evidence in person on the second day of the hearing into seven individual charges brought against Dunne for prejudicial conduct and violent and threatening behaviour.

Dunne, who was also present in High Holborn, denies all charges of prejudicial conduct and two of the three of violent and threatening behaviour.

The panel heard that Dunne’s hostile behaviour towards Frost, a multiple Grade One-winning rider, allegedly began when she was an amateur and that she had also witnessed him behaving inappropriately towards other female jockeys.

One of the allegations made against Dunne involves him purposefully standing naked in front of Frost, an accusation that the panel heard in more detail as she described the lay-out of the weighing room and how other male riders avoided exposing themselves to her.

“I remember Robbie, through my amateur career, being inappropriate to many of us,” she said.

“I remember him opening his towel up and shaking himself in front of us at one point.

“When you have to go in there to get your weights and your silks, a lot of the males in there would put their towels around them or get changed. They wouldn’t openly walk around their weighing room naked.”

In the course of the investigation, initially undertaken by former BHA head of integrity Chris Watts, witness statements were taken from several female jockeys that Frost had also alleged were victims of Dunne’s behaviour.

The panel heard that Lilly Pinchin acknowledged that Dunne could be ‘childish on occasions’ but stated that she had never been bullied by him, whereas Page Fuller admitted she had been the recipient of Dunne’s ‘persistent banter’, which ceased when she raised the issue with him.

Millie Wonnacott described Dunne as ‘not to everybody’s taste’ and Gina Andrews conceded that Dunne had previously been ‘rude’ to her, but went on to describe the incidents as ‘insignificant’.

In response to these statements Frost questioned the account given by Wonnacott and speculated that her junior position to Dunne as a rider at Neil Mulholland’s stable made it impossible for her to speak honestly to the BHA.

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