EA make FIFA 22 FUT Birthday, Icon Player Pick and pack mistakes

EA Sports are expected to grant free player picks and packs to impacted players following the release of a FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Token SBC and Icon Player Pick, which all included incorrect items.

EA make FUT Birthday and Icon Player Pick and Pack mistakes with compensation expected

EA Sports are set to compensate impacted players after they included wrong items in various FIFA 22 SBCs and Player Picks over the weekend.

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On Friday, March 11, 2022, EA released a selection of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team where players could redeem their FUT Birthday Tokens earned during the duration of the FUT Birthday promo in exchange for rewards. Of the nine themed SBCs released, the FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack, the FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pick and the 6x 83-90 Players Pack all included the wrong items, with EA announcing impacted players will receive the correct items.

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In addition to the FUT Birthday Token Swap SBCs being incorrect, FIFA 22 players were also able to pack Prime Icon Moments player items in their Mid/Prime Icon Player Picks, with EA announcing they will be following up with the impacted players. It took over an hour for EA to address any of the issues on their FIFA Direct Communications Twitter account, and it appeared that many FIFA players completed the aforementioned SBCs before it was temporarily removed, in the hope of receiving the wrong items and receiving free items in return.

The first issue addressed by EA was the FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pick and FUT Birthday Team 1 pack SBC errors, in which FUT Birthday Team 2 player items were being included in Team 1 Player Picks and Team 1 packs, at 7:24 PM GMT.

“The FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack and Player Pick SBCs have been temporarily removed from FIFA 22 since some players were not receiving the intended rewards when completing them,” EA Sports said via their @EAFIFADirect Twitter account.

“Impacted players will receive the corrected Packs and Player Picks in the coming days.”

With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Jack Grealish and Toni Kroos all included in Team 1 of the FUT Birthday Promo, the inclusion of Team 2 players in the pack and player pick would’ve massively decreased the chances of these players being received, hence the compensation.

FUT Birthday Team 1 in full



EA then followed up with an update just under three hours later: “The FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack and Player Pick SBCs have been restored in-game with the correct rewards.

“We’re looking into players who were impacted by the previously incorrect rewards and we’ll provide an update in this thread when one is available.”

The second issue addressed by EA was the 6x 83-90 Players Pack SBC which is available in exchange for three FUT Birthday Tokens. Players who opened the pack were receiving five players instead of six, leaving many members of the FIFA 22 community unimpressed.

EA originally announced the 83-90 Player pack would include six players rather than five



“The 83-90 x5 Player Pack SBC has been temporarily removed from FIFA 22 since players were receiving 5 Rare Gold Player Items instead of the intended 6. Impacted players will receive the 6th Player Item in the coming days.”

Based on this statement from EA, it suggests that players who received five players instead of six in their pack will not receive another 6x 83-90 Players Pack, but instead, just the one missing 83-90 rated player.

And lastly, at 12:40 AM GMT on Saturday, March 12, 2022, EA addressed the issue regarding the Mid/Prime Icon Player Pick, where some players were receiving Prime Icon Moments player items in their pick of three players.

“We are aware that the Mid/Prime Icon Player Pick included Icon Moments Items,” said EA.

“This issue was addressed earlier today, and we will be following up with impacted players in game in the coming days.”

FIFA 22 players rightly pointed out on social media that the inclusion of Prime Icon Moments could have impacted the odds of receiving one of the higher-rated Mid/Prime Icons available from the Player Pick.

And some FIFA 22 players are even asking for everyone who completed the SBC to receive compensation, with the Prime Icon Moments player items a better item to receive than the Mid/Prime Icons. At the time of writing, EA Sports has yet to roll out any of their compensation in FUT 22 or provide any further updates on social media, with compensation expected to be rolled out for impacted players in the coming days.

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