Eddie Hearn provides X-rated response to suggestion he fights Thor Bjornsson

Both Hearn and Bjornsson are massive at their respective 6’4″ and 6’9″ heights, and some fans have suggested that the boxing promoter should face the former world’s strongest man winner

Eddie Hall reacts to defeat by Thor Bjornsson

Eddie Hearn isn’t too keen on a fight with Thor Bjornsson, telling reporters in no uncertain terms that he isn’t interested.

The Matchroom Boxing boss joked that he was finished with competing after footage of him dropping the company’s CEO Frank Smith in a sparring session emerged earlier this month. When told that Smith suggested he should fight Bjornsson, Hearn quickly replied “f*** that” to reporters, declaring that he wouldn’t be boxing again.

Hearn and Bjornsson are similar in height, with the massive promoter coming in at 6’4″, while the Icelandic Game of Thrones star is also a giant at 6’9″. But Hearn isn’t interested in being the former world’s strongest man’s next opponent after he defeated Eddie Hall last weekend.

“F*** that,” Hearn replied when asked about the fight. “I’ve got a broken finger from Frank Smith, I’m done, I’m sorry – he’s taking credit for it because I hit him on the elbow but that would be a tough fight.”

Smith had told Pro Boxing Fans the day prior that he felt Hearn should face Bjornsson next, saying in a tongue-in-cheek interview: “Every time I thought I’d throw a punch I was scared he was going to throw one back. I’m not one of these tough guys, I’ll be honest.

“I quite enjoy doing it for fitness, I find there’s no better fitness than that, so I think I’ll let someone else do it, but maybe Eddie could fight Thor. That’s a big fight, but I think Thor would knock him out though.

“I went five rounds against the big lump, I went down once but I got back up and that’s all that matters.

Thor Bjornsson (R) defeated Eddie Hall last weekend to settle their rivalry


Ben Looi- Core Sports)

Fortunately for Bjornsson, there will be a lot of other options should he choose to get back in the ring for another boxing event in future. He has transformed his body in his efforts to become a boxer, and has indicated that he would be interested in fighting again.

Hall would surely be keen for a rematch after landing a number of knockdowns and big shots during their monstrous fight in Dubai last weekend, and with more training could prove formidable.

He could also face the winner of Martyn Ford’s upcoming clash with the ‘Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi, which takes place at The O2 arena on April 30. He has indicated that he believes Ford will have little trouble beating the Instagram star, and they could fight in the future.

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“Thor has been very edgy the last two days,” Ford told iFL TV in an interview ahead of his grudge match with Hall. “Like I said before this fight, I was like, I think Thor is too soft. I think he has just not got that ‘(signalling energy).’”

And Bjornsson has responded to the jibe, telling Boxing King Media that he would be willing to face the bodybuilder as his boxing career continues. “I disagree,” he said of Ford’s claim that he would win a prospective match up. “I think I’d smash him.

“I think Martyn Ford is going to win that fight, the other guy doesn’t look in shape at all. I don’t know the guy but from the pictures I’ve seen he looks big. He doesn’t look like he has the endurance to go more than one round in my opinion. But I don’t know, we’ll see, I’ve seen some bits of Martyn Ford, he looks okay.”

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