England cricket told to “weed out” people like Ollie Robinson by Carberry

Former England batsman Michael Carberry insists cricket needs to ‘weed out’ people like Ollie Robinson following the exposing of his unacceptable tweets.

Last summer Carberry was outspoken on his belief that cricket has a massive problem with racism, and this latest episode could be added to his evidence.

With 20 years in the professional game behind him and the lived experience of a black man who made it to the top as an international cricketer, Carberry was left dismayed but not surprised by the furore.

And the one time opening batsman would be ‘absolutely’ comfortable if Robinson didn’t play again for England.

“I think it is an utter disgrace,” said Carberry on BBC Five Live.

Ollie Robinson has been suspended for historic offensive tweets

“I made some comments last summer about the game having a massive problem with racism and since I said those comments, you have heard other cricketers come out and express their experiences of what we have to face on a day to day basis.

“And this situation, for me, further highlights what I’ve been saying. There are many of the likes of Ollie Robinson around county cricket.

“If it was down to me Ollie Robinson would not be playing Test cricket. I don’t believe this is a problem where you can rehabilitate someone, that is my personal opinion.

“As far as I’m concerned you reap what you sow. If you go and put these disgusting tweets out there into the world, well this is the blow back.

“My criticism of the ECB is like it would be for any other job. Why do they not do their due diligence on people before letting this guy have a Test cap and earn Test wickets?”

For some reason the culture secretary Oliver Dowden, supported by the Prime Minister, has weighed in on the issue saying that the ECB have gone ‘over the top’ by suspending Robinson pending an investigation.

Michael Carberry in action for England

But when asked whether he would be comfortable if Robinson didn’t play again for England, Carberry replied: “Absolutely. Weed them out of the game. Weed these people out of the game.

“If you are really about diversity and inclusion, then how about you make it hard for racists to feel included. Don’t we then have a better world for everybody?

“I’ve got 20 years of experience in this game as a professional and Ollie Robinson will be playing for England again. Let’s not be blinded by that. He will play again, this is how the game works.”

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