Ex-Barcelona vice-president makes telling prediction on Lionel Messi’s future

Jordi Mestre predicts Barcelona legend Lionel Messi will keep playing for the La Liga club after his current deal runs out in June.

While the former Barcelona vice-president was adamant the 33-year-old would remain at the club, he said if Messi does leave in the summer it won’t be for money.

There is interest from big clubs such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain in signing the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

However, Goal reported earlier this year the star wouldn’t make a decision on whether he would leave the club he has played for his entire career until the end of the season.

Jordi Mestre has said that Philippe Coutinho could have been a great signing for Barcelona

Mestre told Sin Concesiones: “Messi will continue. If he leaves it won’t be for money.”

Barcelona are having financial issues at the moment but if Messi remains at the club he will still be surrounded by talent including Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann.

Mestre added: “For Dembele the problem he has had are injuries. If not for those he would have been a great signing, like [Philippe] Coutinho.

“Griezmann is a superstar, but adapting from Atletico to Barca is not easy.”

The focus of European football over the past few weeks has been on the controversial Super League that received a huge backlash from fans.

The criticism has meant the league has been shelved after the majority of clubs withdrew but Barcelona was one of two sides who remained involved.

Lionel Messi may yet stay at Barcelona after his deal runs out
Lionel Messi may yet stay at Barcelona after his deal runs out

While Barca faced some heat for the decision, Mestre believes a competition like the ESL is important for Spanish clubs.

He added: “For clubs like Barca or Real Madrid, the Super League is vital.

“Communication has failed because it has not been explained and there has been a lot of demagoguery. I think that in the end it will end up being done.

“The Super League preparation has been going on for years, since 2015 or 2016 at the ECA meetings, where [Josep Maria] Bartomeu going. He was one of the main promoters.”

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