F1’s Lando Norris relives terror of being mugged for £40k watch outside Wembley

Lando Norris has spoken of his terror after being mugged at Wembley – saying he was shocked at his vulnerability.

The young McLaren ace was singled out and robbed as he left the Euro 2020 final, being dragged from his car as he travelled home.

One man reportedly held him while another took a Richard Mille watch from his wrist, leaving the rising F1 star shaken by the attack.

The rare timepiece is valued at upwards of £40,000 but it was the fact it happened at all which visibly upset the 21-year-old.

He said: “I’m all right – I’m getting better.

“I’m not in perfect condition – I’m just trying to recover and make sure I’m completely ready for the weekend but there’s not a lot I can do.

Lando Norris was robbed after being pulled from his car following the Euro 2020 Final

“The biggest thing was the shock of feeling like you’re going home and something happens so quickly like that.

“Realising it can happen to anyone – including you yourself – when you never think it’s going to happen or there’s a slim chance it can.

“The biggest struggle is shock is that you can still be vulnerable in any position. It’s a scary thing, I don’t wish it on anyone. I hope people can make changes, so that it doesn’t.

“I guess it could have been worse. Afterwards, you do think things like that – but I prefer not to.

“It wasn’t the story I wanted coming into my home race – or any race – but there was plenty of people around.

“It was obvious it was going to come out. I’m hoping it can be seen and used in a positive way and help things be stopped and not happen again in the future.”

Norris had just celebrated a podium finish in Austria and, despite the incident, is heading into Sunday’s British Grand Prix with high hopes.

He admits that seeing a capacity crowd at Silverstone – the biggest in the world since lockdown began – has given him the right focus after the trauma.

“It helps that there’s this race to come into,” he said, “I can take my mind off it and focus on something else – and stop thinking about it.

“I’m an over-thinker, I over-think way too many things. Whatever the scenario is, whether it’s racing or life or whatever.

Norris is looking for victory at Silverstone this weekend
Norris is looking for victory at Silverstone this weekend

“You can always think the best and I tend to always think the worse. Things like that are not nice.

“So to come into this and get my mind off it and focus on seeing the fans, that’s something I look forward to.

“I want this weekend to come as quickly as possible. I’ve enjoyed my peace and quiet at home, returning to normality is a nice thing.

“And this weekend, just thinking about racing and driving makes me smile a bit more.”

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