Five arrested after Man City fan attacked following Club Bruges game

The Blue Moon Belgium supporters group posted a message on Wednesday stating one of its members, since named in Belgian media as Guido DP, was set upon in a car park.

Police in Belgium have confirmed that five people have been arrested in relation to the incident.

Reports say the man was rushed to intensive care at the AZ Maria Middelares hospital in Ghent following the incident, which occurred after the group stopped in Drongen on their journey home from Bruges.

The post, written by one of the group’s officials, whose father was the victim, read: “My father was cowardly attacked for his City scarf at a stopover in Drongen. We hope the perpetrators are found and punished.

“We were everywhere in England and the rest of Europe, never aggression. We come to Belgium once and you will be left for dead.

“Keep on fighting daddy. City love, Jurgen.”

A statement from local police in Belgium read: “Last night around 10.40 pm an incident took place in the parking lot of the E40 Drongen towards Brussels.

“A man wearing a Manchester City scarf had stopped his car at the highway parking in Drongen after the Club Brugge – Manchester City football match and had gone to the shop. According to the first findings of the investigation, his football scarf was taken in the shop by a suspect and he walked outside with it.

“Subsequently, the victim came into confrontation with some suspects in the parking lot, and ended up on the ground after physical aggression.

“The emergency services arrived on the scene. The victim, a 63-year-old man from Ninove, was taken to hospital. He is in mortal danger.

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