Floyd Mayweather outlines training plans for Logan Paul exhibition fight

Floyd Mayweather is so confident he will have no problems beating Logan Paul that he is not even planning to have a full training camp ahead of their upcoming exhibition bout.

The professionally retired 50-0 boxer is naturally the overwhelming favourite against YouTube star Paul, whose own record stands at one fight, one defeat, to social media rival KSI.

Paul is by all accounts aware of the opportunity he has been given and also the magnitude of the task he faces if he wants to emerge victorious from their clash on June 6.

Mayweather however, is more than content to not even break much of a sweat in his preparations.

Floyd Mayweather insists he will not train properly for his fight with Logan Paul

Asked whether he would be training hard for the fight, the former four-weight world champion told The Athletic: “No, not really. For this one, I’ve just got to stay in shape.”

Paul, 26, carries significant advantages in height, weight and age, but it should be a fairly comfortable nights work for Mayweather, 44, who has even suggested he fight twice on the same bill.

The pair faced off at the first press conference to promote the fight on Thursday at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Paul’s brother Jake was in attendance and got under Mayweather’s skin, as events quickly turned sour.

Logan Paul says he is ready for war with Mayweather
Logan Paul says he is ready for war with Mayweather

“What’s up? You looking over here? What’s up? You wanna run it two in one night?” said Jake, who has won all three of his pro bouts thus far.

“Absolutely!” Mayweather replied, before Jake said, “Lets make it happen.”

Jake then stole the 44-year-old’s hat, sparking a furious brawl which left the YouTuber with a black eye and Mayweather threatening to “kill that motherf*****”.

While many feel the whole incident was one big publicity stunt, Logan seemed to think the opposite.

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“I think its pretty f****** serious,” Logan said. “I didn’t expect Floyd Mayweather to try and kill my brother with all the security guards there.”

He then revealed his brother’s actions had been pre-meditated despite him warning against it.

“What the f*** just happened? I think that was a set-up I’m not going to lie, he had his boys get me before I could get involved,” Logan added.

“[Jake] told me he was going to do it and I told him not to.

“This s*** is so personal; this s*** was going to be kind of cute and we were going to put on a good show but now it’s going to be a f****** fight, it’s going to be a war.”

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