Football Association offers 100s of grassroots clubs ‘cut-price’ defibrillators

Hundreds of sports clubs are to be offered “cut-price” defibrillators in a huge boost for the Mirror campaign.

The Football Association plans to offer the deal to 640 clubs from 33 leagues, Labour MP Mary Kelly Foy revealed.

She wants the FA to fund the equipment for grassroots sport.

Ms Foy is supporting our crusade for legislation to ensure defibrillators are legally required at key public locations.

The FA has partnered with the British Heart Foundation to roll out automated external ­defibrillator programmes since 2012. Coaches and clubs must have people trained in how to ­resuscitate and use an AED.

Labour MP Mary Kelly Foy is supporting the Mirror’s campaign

“No coach should be working at any level without an ­understanding of what they can do to save a life,” the FA said.

Its deal means clubs can buy the kit for £750 instead of £1325.

But Ms Foy said: “There needs to be careful consideration of how feasible these extra costs are to clubs who have had a year of ­financial hardship like no other. The £750 is a large fee for semi-professional and amateur clubs.”

More than 50 MPs and Lords have signed Mary’s letter calling on the FA to follow the Premier League ’s lead in funding ­defibrillators “outright” for ­grassroots clubs.

Mary added: “I will be following up the letter to the FA to ask for more clarity on their discount scheme.

“I will press them to consider that some clubs are left in the ­position of choosing between­ life-saving equipment and simply staying afloat.”

The FA oversees cardiac screenings for all England players across all ages.

Gareth Southgate’s side will have had an electrocardiogram, or ECG test within the last year and an ultrasound scan of the heart within the past two years.

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