Gary Lineker responds to controversial penalty decision in Chelsea vs Man Utd

Manchester United thought they should have been given a penalty during their goalless draw with Chelsea on Sunday, and Gary Lineker seemed to agree.

The Red Devils expected a spot-kick to be awarded after it appeared that Callum Hudson-Odoi had handled the ball inside the area.

The Chelsea right wing-back had chased down a loose ball after Marcus Rashford’s free-kick was saved by Edouard Mendy.

When he arrived at the ball, he was forced to shrug off Mason Greenwood, who was also going for the ball.

Initially, it appeared like the ball had hit Greenwood’s hand, but after looking at the replay it was clear it had hit Hudson-Odoi’s hand.

Callum Hudson-Odoi appeared to handle the ball inside the area

But regardless, a penalty wasn’t given, despite referee Stuart Atwell going over to the VAR monitor to double-check.

And Lineker conceded that he believes the penalty should have been given, before comparing the situation to a similar incident in Leicester’s 3-1 defeat against Arsenal earlier on Sunday.

He posted: “I hate the current handball law but under the present guidelines that’s a penalty.”

Callum Hudson-Odoi had a solid game before being taken off with an injury at half-time
Callum Hudson-Odoi had a solid game before being taken off with an injury at half-time

He then followed up that post by writing: “No different really to the Ndidi handball penalty in the earlier game. Completely inadvertent but the arm/hand is raised when contact occurs.”

Wilfried Ndidi gave away a penalty against Arsenal earlier on Sunday after blocking a Nicolas Pepe shot with his arm.

Despite not moving his hand towards the ball, the mere fact it made contact inside the box means a spot-kick should have been awarded.

In the Leicester game, the referee pointed to the spot, but Atwell clearly felt otherwise in the United game.

Speaking afterwards, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer voiced his bemusement by saying: “No [idea why the penalty wasn’t given] whatsoever. Not at all. Especially when they stop it and he walks across.

“From here you can see it’s handball and you think it’s our player that does it. When you look at it on the video it’s taken two points away from it.”

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