Harry Kane needs to become arrogant by joining big club like Man Utd or Real

If Harry Kane wants to knock Robert Lewandowski off his perch as the world’s best centre-forward then he has to stop playing like he did in those first 20 minutes against Albania.

Lewandowski is an out-and-out striker, a goalscorer who sometimes comes deep to pop the ball off but essentially works within the confines of the 18-yard box.

Kane, meanwhile, is the arch goals-and-assists man, someone who comes deep to spray passes left and right, and allows others to bomb past him.

I’m not trying to hammer him for that, because his figures back up how well it has worked for him and Tottenham over the years.

But with England, he needs to separate himself from the job he does with Spurs and focus only on getting on the last man and demanding others get the ball to him.

Harry Kane may need to leave Tottenham to cement all-time legend status in the sport

Early on against Albania, he was dropping and drifting, and there was no need for that with Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Mason Mount and Declan Rice alongside him.

But when he did go and stand in the box, Sterling popped off a pass to Luke Shaw, he put in a standard cross and, lo and behold, Kane got on the scoresheet.

That’s what I want to see more of because, if he does want to be remembered as the best of his time, then it’s goals he will be measured by.

That’s what will count if he does ever join one of the really big boys in Europe.

I’m not belittling Spurs there — they are a medium to big club who have been a big noise in the Premier League for five years and they have a cracking stadium.

Tottenham will hope Harry Kane's goals can fire them into the top four
Harry Kane’s assists wouldn’t be the focus at big clubs

But at a Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester City or Manchester United they wouldn’t care how many assists he got if he only scored 10 or 15 a season.

During my two campaigns at Liverpool, football still didn’t look too hard at stats, if at all, but when I look back now I hit the double double — double figures on goals and assists — both years, which was no mean feat given Robbie Fowler was always going to be the central striker.

Yet still some Reds fans say I wasn’t a success because I didn’t get them 35 goals a season.

The really big strikers, like Lewandowski, worry only about hitting those sorts of numbers, including the decisive strikes at the business end of the biggest competitions for club and country.

He has proven himself in that respect time and again, and we’ll see this week how much weaker Poland are without him.

He is streets ahead of Kane as an out-and-out centre-forward and in this exciting England team he’d be saying, ‘I’m just going to stand on the last defender and I will get goals’.

That’s what the biggest fish in the biggest ponds do and I guarantee that if Kane was at Real, Bayern, United, City or Liverpool he doesn’t give England another 20 minutes like that one.

Instead, he’d just hold the ball up and go, ‘Right, you lot serve me’.

It’s the sort of arrogance that comes with being at the biggest clubs and the fact he’s not showing that yet means now might be the time for him to join one.

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