Harry Kane sends defiant message as England look to end trophy drought

Harry Kane believes it’ll be a stain on his career if he ends up empty handed with England.

Former Three Lions skipper Wayne Rooney always regretted not winning a trophy with his country – and Kane has revealed he’ll feel the same.

“Yeah I’d be the same as Wayne if I got to the end of my career and haven’t won a trophy with England. I’d always look back and probably regret that in the same way he does.

“As captain I feel the pressure of that 100%. But it gives me motivation to be able to win something” says Kane.

“We haven’t won a trophy as a national team for a long time and when you look at the players we’ve produced and have playing year in year out, we have the best in the world.

“The aim for us and the manager when he came in was to become the number one side in the world and we have taken steps towards that.

“We had a great World Cup and with that comes added pressure. But if we want to be the best and win tournaments we have to cope with that. We can’t be fearful of any team.

Kane was left dejected following England’s World Cup 2018 semi final defeat.

“We have to go into finals with full belief in ourselves, which I feel we have, and go onto achieve something special.

“That’s the aim going into Euros. And that’s why I’ve got to do as much as I can as a player, the captain and one of the leaders in the team to help us win something.

“Not just for my own personal success but for the nation’s pride. We know how much it would mean to the country to win a major trophy. I’m excited for the challenge and up for it.

Kane accepts ending 55 years without a title won’t be easy, but he dreams of lifting a major trophy with England.

“Yeah I think it’s hard not to think about that! It’d be hard to put into words what that would mean not just for me but for the whole country itself.

“It would be an incredible moment but it’s not as easy as just turning up, winning a couple of games and getting it done” says the Spurs striker.

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“We’ve done lot of hard work the last four years with Gareth to put us in this place. The team is an incredible mix of young and experienced players all playing at the highest levels for their clubs.

“So, yes, it’s there for us but there are a lot of great nations out there are looking to do the same.

“We’re going to have to find a way to go a little bit further but ability-wise there’s no question we can. We just have to take that next step.”

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