Harry Kane transfer farce has been embarrassing for everyone except Daniel Levy

The England captain made clear at the start of summer that he wanted to leave Tottenham Hotspur and join Manchester City – three months later, Kane will remain in North London after failing to secure the transfer he desires

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Nuno delighted Harry Kane staying at Tottenham

Harry Kane will be grateful for the way Tottenham’s fans have treated him throughout a rather ugly transfer saga.

That, ultimately, has played a huge part in the outcome and why everyone can move on from this whole sordid affair which has been embarrassing for everyone… apart from Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

Kane went out on a limb in May to push for a move to Manchester City.

He did an interview with Gary Neville talking about wanting a new challenge and it quickly became apparent that he wanted to leave Tottenham in search of trophies.

That could have gone badly for him but the fans were fiercely loyal, their anger was with Levy rather than their top scorer and the England captain as they were almost ready to wish him well in his next move.

In fact, the only time that remarkable relationship has ever been tested was when Kane did not report back on the first day of training.

Tottenham said nothing publicly, Kane later let it be known that he believed he had permission to report up later and at that point it all looked as if it was going to get messy.

City never remotely came close to getting to a figure which would have interested Levy or even made him pick up the phone and you could even argue they have hung him out to dry.

Harry Kane came on against Wolves after missing the clash against Man City


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Kane pushed for a move… which was never going to come off. A gentleman’s agreement was never going to cut it with Levy.

And yet in Kane’s statement, it says very clearly he will be “staying at Tottenham this summer” and is “100% focused on helping the team achieve success.”

Therefore, Kane is only talking about the immediate future and not the long term, let alone next year and what might happen then.

So, what does it mean for Kane now?

We’ve seen so many transfer sagas in the past where players have gone on strike or behaved badly such as Carlos Tevez, Dimitri Payet or Diego Costa.

Kane never reached that point and even if he had, you do wonder if Spurs would have even understood because they are definitely ready to forgive and forget.

They sang his name at Wolves on Sunday when he came on as a substitute and that familiar chant of “He’s One of Our Own” rang around Molineux.

But no-one should kid themselves.

Kane wanted to leave, that will not be solved overnight and yet he will be 29 next summer, it’s hard to believe anyone will pay £100m-plus then and he will still have two years left, so even then Spurs are still in a relatively strong position.

Will Kane look to push again next summer?


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City will have to move on, Manchester United will probably look elsewhere and younger strikers like Erling Haaland will be available.

It may mean that Kane gets stuck at Tottenham, becomes the one club man and yet no-one should knock that.

He can establish himself as Tottenham’s greatest scorer of all time and one of the club’s greatest ever players. If he is not already.

But this strange, unedifying chapter does show a different side to Kane.

A determined, single-minded, driven player who does want to be in the big time so he can become a global icon like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

His mindset has not changed just because he is staying for now. It will not go away.

All his public statement does perhaps is put him back on the front foot, saying he is staying before anyone else and try to stay onside with the Spurs fans who still adore him.

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