How much money is at stake in the Championship play-off final?

Brentford and Swansea City are gearing up for today’s Championship play-off final.

The Bees will be looking to atone for last year’s disappointment when they were beaten by Fulham in the final.

As for Swansea, they’re hoping to make a return to the top flight after a three-year absence. Not only is a place in Premier League at stake but victory would certainly keep the bean-counters happy.

The finances on offer seem to increase every year in this game but exactly how much is up for grabs for the winner?

Fulham were last year’s play-off winners

Deloitte reported last year that an increase in revenue for the winning club can be between £135million to £265million, depending on whether instant relegation is avoided.

Official figures for the 2018/19 campaign showed that £2.4billion of broadcast revenue which was split equally between the 20 clubs, a rough total of £82.5m, wherever they finished.

Then comes merit payments for the final league position, with Huddersfield Town getting £1.9m and champions Manchester City taking home an extra £38.3m.

In addition, should relegation follow promotion, clubs are handed parachute payments to ease any financial worry, which drop over three years before ending.

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