IFAB rejects 25-minute half-time proposal to allow ‘Superbowl’ shows


ootball’s lawmakers have rejected a proposal to make half-time breaks longer, but it looks likely that the option of making five substitutions will be made permanent.

The South American football federation, CONMEBOL, wanted half-time to be extended to 25 minutes, to allow the option of concerts and other entertainment during the interval of big matches.

However, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has rejected the attempts to replicate the Superbowl by turning half-time into an event in itself.

“Several members shared their concerns, particularly regarding the potential negative impact on player welfare and safety resulting from a longer period of inactivity,” an IFAB statement said.

The use of five substitutions though could become permanent, after it was decided that a final decision would be made at IFAB’s annual general meeting in March.

The rule was initially introduced in May 2020, to help manage the workload on players, who faced hectic schedules after football returned during the pandemic.

It has been extended since then, and the interim rule is in place until the end of 2022, however there is a significant chance that it becomes permanent in March.

While IFAB have recommended the move to five substitutions, Premier League clubs have voted three times to block the increase from becoming permanent.

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