Inside Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke’s £500million ranch which is largest in USA

The Arsenal owner is not shy of a few billion and spends a large bulk of it on a property portfolio that has to be seen to be believed, the 74-year-old boasting the biggest ranch in the states

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“Let Him Hear Us” – Arsenal fans’ message for Stan Kroenke

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has never exactly been popular among the Gunners faithful, often dubbed ‘Silent Stan’ due to his lack of communication with the supporters, but it is probably quite easy to hide yourself away from the stress of Premier League football by being the other side of the Atlantic.

If an entire ocean between Kroenke and the Emirates wasn’t enough, he can take shelter in his W.T Waggoner Ranch – which covers around 535,000 acres.

Purchased by the American sports mogul and his Walmart heiress wife back in 2016, the ranch is so large you could fit the entire cities of New York and Los Angeles within it’s borders.

The ranch cost Kroenke £500m

The enormous plot of land set both Kroenke and his wife Ann Walton back by £500m, a staggering amount even for a family of their wealth and resources.

The ranch includes thousands of cattle, hundreds of horses and oil wells, as well as a whopping 30,000 acres of farmland.

Following Kroenke’s purchase of the ranch in 2016, he said: “This is an incredible opportunity and an even greater responsibility.

“We are honoured to assume ownership of the Waggoner – a true Texas and American landmark – and are deeply committed to continuing the proud legacy of W.T. “Tom” Waggoner, his family and his descendants.

“Our gratitude to them and to the many parties involved in this process is immense. We will continue to preserve and protect this uniquely American treasure.”

Kroenke purchased the ranch with his Walmart heiress wife back in 2016

It therefore, was surprising for some to hear that a man of Kroenke’s financial status made the decision for his company Kroenke Sports and Entertainment to sack 55 members of Arsenal staff in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The club was not immune to the economic impact of the virus and was bighted with financial issues that meant a number of stadium staff were made redundant.

Has Kroenke been a good owner for Arsenal? Have your say here.

The ranch spans 535,000 acres

It is not just football that Kroenke has interests in, the 74-year-old also owns a number of other sporting teams, including NFL side LA Rams, NBA team Denver Nuggets, NHL franchise Colorado Avalanche and MLS outfit Colorado Rapids.

Though Kroenke did not have a say in Arsenal’s move to the Emirates back in 2006, he has experience with stadium moves as he has invested billions of dollars into the construction of the 70,000 seat SoFI Stadium in Inglewood, California, which plays host to NFL duo the LA Rams and the LA Chargers.

Arsenal fans have protested against Kroenke’s ownership a number of times, most recently following the collapse of the European Super League at the end of last season.

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