Jake Paul claims black eye didn’t come from Mayweather as he identifies culprit

Jake Paul has claimed the black eye he received in his bitter brawl on Thursday did not come from Floyd Mayweather.

The YouTube star lit the fuse of the unbeaten boxer when he stole his baseball cap after the pair had a fiery face-to-face at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Mayweather and his team quickly jumped Paul in front of swathes of reporters to try and wrestle the hat back as several blows were landed on the 24-year-old.

Despite being seemingly outnumbered Paul tried more than once to reignite the brawl, eventually emerging clutching his eye which later appeared to have some bruising.

Floyd Mayweather brawls with Jake Paul

But although it looked like Mayweather had thrown the punches, Paul insists it was not him who landed the crucial blow.

“One of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye,” tweeted Paul after the fracas.

The row rumbled on as Mayweather stomped around in fury threatening to “kill” Paul as staff tried their best to keep the pair apart.

Even more amusing was that older brother Logan – who is actually fighting Mayweather – became merely a side show.

Paul was left clutching his bruised eye after the scrap
Paul was left clutching his bruised eye after the scrap

Paul said: “Honestly I have had three easy fights as a pro so I’ve been itching for some real action.

“I stole his hat because he steals people’s money with boring fights.”

Mayweather even boasted in their standoff that he is now willing to make it a double-header against the Paul brothers, fighting both one after the other on the same night on June 6.

Logan has just one professional fight to his name – a points defeat to YouTube rival KSI.

Few expect him to emerge from a contest with Mayweather with much to show for it despite his size and age advantage.

Even the 44-year-old is relaxed about the whole occasion, revealing he has no plans to train particularly hard for the bout, so long as he just “keeps in shape”.

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With just a month to go until they enter the ring the latest drama will have lifted interest in the fight, although UFC star Conor McGregor branded the whole saga “embarrassing” and suggested it was a ploy to try and boost pay-per-view sales.

“Pro to pro it’s embarrassing,” McGregor said on Instagram. “He [Mayweather] will not scratch 10m for this fight and he knows it. It was cancelled once already. The world is watching this on Twitter.

“He’d fight a half decent pro and command 20m upwards yet it’s this s***.

“Whatever way you spin this it’s sad.

“Fight someone for real, on your record, or f*** off mate.

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